Monday, November 18, 2013

Sometimes an autograph card's best feature isn't the auto.

As I said in the title, sometimes the best feature on an autograph card isn't the autograph. This can be very true for memorabilia cards because teams like Chicago can result in some amazing patches and the auto on the card becomes very secondary:

Brandon Bollig is not going to ever be a superstar but this card is! A sweet patch with some graffiti on it is what this card looks like to me. 

 12-13 ITG Between The Pipes Denis Herron auto

Here is what I am talking about. I saw this card up for auction and had to have it. In the end it was under four dollars with shipping and I feel like I stole it. First off, Denis Herron, not a current household name but he did win a Vezina and a Jennings 1981 and 1982 respectively. Nice to have on the resume, but the player on this card isn't its best feature.  The autograph is solid and far better than most modern signers but still not the best feature on the card. The photo, in my opinion is what solidifies the awesomeness of the card. For those of you that don't know, this is Denis Herron wearing a road Kansas City Scouts uniform. The mask, a cool and simple design that features team colours. I am glad to have an auto from my favourite franchises' first start and while the Scout days are very forgettable, this card isn't. Now I have myself a Scouts auto, a Rockies auto and of course countless Devils autos.  


  1. Nice, I had not seen that one but what a great card.

  2. Thanks! I had not either but found it when I was trying to make my own lot purchase from a seller.

  3. one of my all time faves.... He also wore that mask for Pittsburgh, although the paint scheme changed to blue and yellow, eliminating the red stripe.
    My favourite card of his is the 77/78 OPC/Topps card. Just for the cartoon on the back. Look it up, it's amazing. Especially to a 6 year old who wants to be a goalie and reads it for the first time....

    1. WOW! That is a pretty awesome backside. I had to do a double take, I thought it said 3 at first but clearly it said 8. I will be showing that and a couple others on a backchecking thanks to you!