Friday, November 1, 2013

06-07 Fleer Ultra Evgeni Malkin Rookie

So my last two 86-87's aren't scanned like I thought they were so that post will be pushed for one more day. Instead, here is another case of patience paying off. Rookies and sets are what I primarily collect and even though I have added a few hundred autos over the past couple years I still obsess on rookies and sets. My sets are slowly getting finished but I keep adding more so patience is important because sets can consume you. Rookie are the same, each year a new crop, more stars to chase and if you want to be on the cutting edge it can seriously cost you. I have  been adding rookies when I can and I really wanted to get a few mid-range rookies of stars I don't have covered to my satisfaction. 

Once upon a time I did have a mid-range Malkin, but I traded it away to score something more important to my collection. I do have two low end Malkin rookies, and I believe they are still one of the best bangs for your buck as far as Malkins go. I even once had a chance to buy his SPx rookie for a c-note but that price wasn't right for me. 

So, feeling a small void and having some paypal cash I was able to land this one:  

ITG History of Hockey 06-07 Fleer Ultra Malkin Rookie Buyback
Funny thing about this card is it is the SECOND one I have had in my possession in the last month. Both were ITG buybacks, but the first came with a pretty badly cracked case thanks to Canada post. I had this card send back to the seller and they replaced it with another. This TOO came with a very small chip out of the side but I let it slide this time.

I am a little disappointed that ITG didn't grade these card because the Malkin itself is in fine shape. Should have had no problem scoring at least a 9 but instead it is in a large case and only set me back 15 bucks. Malkin is crossed off!

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  1. Sweet, really nice looking card of a great player. Nice score!