Friday, May 13, 2011

Kovy puts a fork in Canada

A few random thoughts...

With Blogger on the fritz earlier, things have just been wacky on Wax Stain today, but it looks like all the posts are back the way they should be (for now). Looking at the poll, a majority of you seem to think writing Dionne and paying a sawbuck for it is a good idea. I picked out the perfect card for the TTM and hope to share my success down the road.

Well Canada is now out of the WHC and all my hockey pools are now toast, it leaves me with not much left to cheer about, so I am forced to pick from what is left in the post season. Since I am too much of a hockey fan to pack it in, I am throwing my support behind the Lightning and the Canucks. I am cheering for TB because of Stamkos and Roloson. I think Rollie deserves a Cup and Stamkos is an amazing talent that is fun to watch. I am supporting the Canucks mainly because I can't see myself backing the Sharks. Here is hoping I get to see one or both of those teams make the Finals.

The Canada loss had one small lining in it for me and that was Kovy was the one to deliver the final blow. Despite it being his first goal of the tournament, it seems he is continuing to play a more complete game which is a sign that he is committed to being a better Devils player and I think Russia is going to benefit from a two-way Kovy.

Here is another Panini deal I picked up a little while back:

10-11 Panini Certified Top Choice Game Used

This card is numbered 04/99 and features a swatch from a Devils jersey. Please forgive the scan, I think because the swatch wasn't touching the glass on the scanner it came out a little "salmon-like". The swatch is indeed red, and for 99 cents plus shipping I think it was a great deal for a Kovy fan like myself. Just another reason why I like Panini eBay deals.


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  1. It's a shame Canada lost
    Beauty Kovy card

    and yes indeed GO CANUCKS