Friday, February 24, 2017

A Homemade Hobby 6 Pack For About The Price Of One

This batch I bought so long ago (1.5 years ago) that I almost forgot I didn't even share it. It was around my birthday two years ago I was doing some looking and one of the online/in-store dealers near my place had a batch up on eBay. He always posts like 400 cards and lets them ride on auctions and then a month later he will be back with a new batch. The cards are always decent and he is very accurate with his descriptions for quality purposes so I really trust him. He has a pile up starting at 99 cents and free combined shipping meant deals could be had. Alas when the dust settled I ended up with this 6 and the price was very nice and well under a blaster. 

14-15 UD Ice Teemu Pulkkinen Premieres Rookie /799
 I am not sure if Teemu will be a bust or a late bloomer but he's now 25 years old and currently in the AHL with the Wild owning his rights. He was an AHL superstar but his big league game hasn't made an appearance yet. I figure one more season to crack the line-up otherwise he will likely bolt overseas. I'm hopeful still but realistic too.

14-15 Upper Deck Series 2 Seth Helgeson Young Gun
So far Seth has been a bit of a cusp player for the Devils. I like to say he's our 8th defenseman really. Good enough some nights to be a 5-6th but inconsistent which makes him an easy scratch target. He is pretty reliable in the AHL and given he's 26 he too will need to prove his worth soon as the Devils are loading up on young d-man prospects or he could be searching for a new organization as well.

12-13 Panini Classics Reggie Leach Auto
 The first big name in the lot, Reggie Leach was a big force in the 70's with the Flyers winning two Cups with the Broad Street Bullies. Reggie scored 61 goals one season and then backed it up with an NHL record 19 post-season goals. Despite some impressive years and accomplishments, Reggie likely won't be a HOF'er ever but if there was a Hall of Very Good, I believe he would be a first ballot inductee.

07-08 Be A Player Signatures Nicklas Backstrom Auto
This was the one I was most excited about because it is a rookie year auto of a player I love watching and believe is greatly underrated. Nick is off to another great season with his production spiking of late. As of today, he sits tied for 4th in points with 63 and second in assists with 45.

07-08 Be A Player Signatures Jason Spezza Auto
 Ages ago I wrote Spezza and never heard from or got my card back. These things happen but that didn't mean I didn't want his auto anymore. When this was was up for bids, I threw a bid that would cover two way postage and thankfully it was enough and righted a wrong! Spezza seemed to hit a wall in Ottawa and has since been revitalized in Dallas. This past year has been a tough one in the Lone Star State but Spezza is young enough that he could be a good trade deadline pick up or have another go next season after Dallas does something about their goaltending.

11-12 Panini Rookie Private Signings Brett Connolly Auto
The last was a fun one for the PC and that is this nice on-card auto from Brett Connolly. Brett has been playing well of late and making a bit of a push to be in Cy Young contention. After pretty soft start and a few nights of being scratched Brett had a pretty solid point streak going (6 games) and currently has 12 goals and 6 assists for 18 points. He is on pace to 18 goals and with a little luck that could be 20. As it stands right now he has tied his career high for goals so the next one will be a big one.


  1. Nice lot of cards. I agree with you about Backstrom being underrated; I mean the guy is in 4th overall in point leaders this season but you really don't hear much about it!

    1. Thanks! I agree and the crazy thing is he has apparently only be ONE ALL-STAR game which is completely nuts if you ask me.

  2. Great lot of cards! Backstroke is totally underrated and Spezza is too. Both guys are in that point per game range which classifies as star status to me.

    1. I completely agree Fuji! Funny how the times change though huh? I remember as a kid in the early 90's and the point a game signified a "decent" player which included guys like Pelle Eklund and Michal Pivonka!