Friday, April 1, 2016

11-12 Dominion Adam Larsson Auto Patch Rookie /99

One question I get asked all the time, why are you a Devils fan? While I have a fun story about that, my answer should be because the hockey cards are cheaper! One thing I truly believe is if Adam Larsson was on the roster of the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Canadiens his cards would probably sell for more than twice the value they do as a Devil and fan base is a huge factor in that. However, exposure is one too. What I have had the privilege to see him do on a nightly basis has me a believer in why he was such a highly touted pick.

NHL defensemen are very similar to wine in my opinion (this coming from a guy that doesn't touch the stuff). Some are fantastic right from the start but as their careers progress, there is little to no improvement in their game and in some cases there may even be a regression. Others seem to just get better year after year. Look at Victor Hedman or Scott Niedermayer. Both highly touted picks and both had a little mud slung in their direction early in their career but both get better year after year and by the end of it Hedman is getting some votes for the Norris and Scott is a HOFer.

I am not sure what the ceiling is on this kid but with the Devils looking to improve and rebuild, Larsson will hopefully be a fixture of the defense corps for many seasons to come and potentially take over Andy Greene as the go to man on the back end.

11-12 Dominion Adam Larsson Auto Patch Rookie /99
When it comes to Dominion, the 2011-12 design is by far my favourite and I love that the print run on these are just /99 copies. The swatch I was able to get here was pretty sweet too (3 colour) and is part of the Devils emblem on the front of the jersey.

For how much I like the front, I am a little disappointed with the back side. I am not against the obscure facts and in fact welcome them but zero stats or vital info is a big negative to me. Plus is it just me or did you always find seeing a plain old Panini emblem instead of a hologram or foil somewhat underwhelming?

Well despite the lack luster backside, the front more than makes up for it and this card is a nice addition to my collection for a price that I felt I could pay any day and all day (less than the price of a blaster).

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  1. Yet another nice card there Dave! I never understood why Panini didn't put more effort into their card backs. Seems to be one of the only drawbacks to a lot of their designs. I miss them a ton though, wish they'd get an NHL license back...