Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"We Have a Trade to Announce".....

Whenever I make a trade I wish I could hire Bettman to make an announcement for me:

I have agree to trade a box of 15-16 UD Series 1 which could possibly contain one of the hottest rookie cards since 05-06 in exchange for what I consider the best card from the 1990's, the Holy Grail if you will.....

Very excited to make this trade with Walt T. I decided to post the trade here so everyone can witness/moderate our trade. Walt isn't apart of any forums etc so rather than go through that painful process we will make our trade public here so he gets piece of mind and so do I. He has agreed to ship first and once it arrives I will post its arrival here and then ship his box to him and both of us will use tracking. Anyway, pleased to be back blogging and very pleased to share this awesome trade in my opinion and I hope he hits a McDavid.

1 comment:

  1. SWEET!!! Awesome card Dave, hope it works out well for both parties!