Friday, May 8, 2015

07-08 Sweet Shot Sweet Beginnings - Carey Price Rookie /599

Well, since I don't have my latest Tall Boy scanned and I have a free moment, why not feature a different pick-up in the last few months. Given his win last night which could be his last of this season, I am featuring Carey Price.

 07-08 Sweet Shot Sweet Beginnings - Carey Price Rookie /599
This season he was on fire and carried a pretty average Habs team into the stratosphere. Please forgive my scan, I didn't want to take it out of the one touch holder and clearly that was a mistake as it is pretty blurry. I assure you this is a gem and I love the Sweet Shot cards because they are filled with frills like player worn swatches and serial numbering but can be had for less than a Young Gun of the same player.

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  1. Nice card of a very solid goaltender. I do hope it was his last win of the season though, go Tampa ;-)