Monday, November 10, 2014

Player Prospecting - Nick Bjugstad

Player prospecting is one of the things I enjoy most about the hobby. Being able to say you were collecting the player before they hit it big is loads of fun for me and in some ways I enjoy seeing the "value" of some of my cards increase (even though I don't sell many). This post is about a kid I see being a star in the league someday, Nick Bjugstad.

2014-15 Upper Deck Young Gun
A staple in many people's collection is their player's Young Gun. I have gotten away from this with some players opting for more "value" but this one was a throw in with the next card so it was hard to say no.

2013-14 SP Game Used Rookie Auto Gold
The rookie auto golds are pretty fun and always a great value. Many times you can find these for a hair more than the pack of the basic Upper Deck cards. I was pleased that I landed both for basically that price.

2013/14 Select Auto Rookie /399
This past season I was a huge fan of Select. You get auto rookies for a Young Gun price. The print run is also very nice usually /399 which makes them much more rare than Young Guns too. I will miss this product this season but I will be on the look out for a replacement.

So what makes Nick so special? Hockey's Future has him ranked as a 7.5 which is a pretty decent score and shows he has solid potential.Nick lead the Panthers in scoring last season despite being a rookie and he even finished in the 5 in rookie scoring despite playing for a team that scored the second fewest goals in the NHL. This season he has experienced a bit of a sophomore slump which happens but I hope to see him bounce out of it by the end of the season.


  1. Hey Dave - nice pickups! I caught an error (I think) on one of the cards, the middle one. The picture doesn't seem to be of Bjugstad - it looks like Alex Petrovic... (plus 72 is Petrovic's jersey #, Bjugstad's is 27). Let me know what you think!

    1. Great eye Kyle! I didn't even notice that to be honest and neither did Upper Deck. I am very curious if Alex ended up in the SP Game Used auto insert set and if there was a photo swap by accident.