Tuesday, October 8, 2013

At long last - Bobby Orr Auto

Selling my David Clarkson The Cup Rookie /199 netted me enough money to buy this beast!

10-11 UD Ultimate Bobby Orr Ultimate Signatures
I tried to buy many in the past, I tried trading for one and every time ended in failure. Finally armed with some PayPal cash I went looking specifically for a Orr auto. Patience is fine, but eventually you just need to take the bull by the horns and I did that. I made an offer or two with some BIN options and one seller countered my 40 less than asking with 30 less than asking so I said SOLD. Using no money from my pocket I was able to buy this card!

The thing with Orr autos is sometimes they can get a little sloppy, lets face is Orr signs lots of stuff for Upper Deck and is getting a bit older and sometimes he probably just wants the job done so he can get back to Chevy commercials. I am very pleased that the auto is solid and legible. I wasn't picky about on card, but that is a nice added bonus with this one. I did want him in uniform which did cut out some cheaper Goodwin options but in all this card was perfect for me and the price was right. Another HOF'er to the collection and one less HOF'er I need to land.

BTW please excuse the team bag line on his face, I should have took it out when I scanned it, but I didn't so I apologize.


  1. I have a bunch of autos of his teammates but still don't have Orr. Great pickup!

    1. He has had some awesome teammates! I am sure they are great in their own right too...

  2. WHOA! Drooling over here, nice pick-up!

  3. Very nice! Was waiting to see this one. You've had a good year for neat pcikups!

  4. nice card... one of the better ones. Congrats.

  5. Hard to do much better than that. Nice grab!

  6. Stunning card man, great job. Bobby Orr rookies.. it doesn't get much better than that..

  7. Thanks everyone! I think the only way I could top this is to pull one, which I wouldn't be opposed to happening even if I already own one!