Monday, June 3, 2013

They could have been Contenders, but they were so cheap they are Winners!

Sometimes you throw a bid in and almost forget you even made it. Well that is what happened here. I landed the following four cards for $0.99. Being Canadian, I was then robbed for another 6.95 in shipping, but in the end I still ended up ahead! Here you go, 4 would be Contenders who were are Winners in my book!

10-11 Playoff Contenders Matt Kassian
 Matt is a winner because he is now an Ottawa Senator. That means Matt got to play two rounds of post-season hockey and despite the fact that he is a fringe NHL'er, he still gets occasional action and that makes him a winner! Nice auto, on-card, blue sharpie and his number 28 accompanies his auto.

10-11 Playoff Contenders Mark Olver
I want to call this guy Oliver!, don't know why exactly.... Mark was a pretty talented collegiate player who hails from Burnaby, BC. His numbers aren't on par as of yet with his college numbers, but then again when are they? He has done well in the AHL and the NHL has seen him for a total of 74 games. It will be interesting to see as Colorado gets better if he will still make the roster. At the age of 25, Mark needs to step it up or end up being AHL for life.

10-11 Playoff Contenders Robin Lehner
 Finally some of you are saying right? True the first two cards aren't super amazing, but then again they all cost a combined TOTAL of 99 cents so I guess expectations should be low! Lehner is the first of my real prospects and this coming season will be very interesting as his entry level will be complete and he is set to be an RFA next summer. I can't help but think he will be a starter somewhere after next summer but of course he needs to prove that he can handle the pressure of being number 1 and the increased work load. I hope the Devils take a chance on him but I also think the Sens would be silly to let him go.

10-11 Playoff Contenders Nino Niederreiter
 Look! I mint, on-card Nino auto! Blue Sharpie! Just like the others! Ok, I am getting silly, but a nice on-card rookie auto of everyone's favourite Swiss isn't too bad considering most would have paid what I did just for this one card let alone 1 of 4. My whole reason for throwing in the default bid was to maybe land this card and sure enough I was lucky to get it. I am curious to how long the Islanders will wait on Nino, he is still very very young but 64 career NHL games and only 3 points might mean Nino needs a change of scenery to ramp up his game again and much like Robin, his entry level deal is set to end following the 13-14 NHL season.

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