Sunday, March 25, 2012

Parkhurst Project Card 17

Last post I shared on this project was a pretty good one as far as my collection goes. I believe the condition of this one could be better! This card I picked up online as well and the seller didn't wager a guess to the quality, but just said there were no creases and the back was clean. Well I looked at the photo and it seemed to be pretty decent to I threw down a max bid of 13 bucks.

Sure enough I won with that bid and it was only when the card arrived that I got a good look at it.

The photos has a pinkish tinge to it, but in person that doesn't exist on the card. This card has 4 pretty strong corners, no creases, nice surface and looks very nice.

The backside is very nice as well with a light "browning" on the edge of the back in a couple spots. I think this card could grade as high as excellent! Surely I felt this was a pretty good deal and I have been enjoying the card ever since. I have been tempted to send it away to be graded, but I worried about the whole process to some degree....( I would use a Canadian grader as the 30 bucks it would cost to use PSA or BVG is too insane) Has anyone used KSA or CSA?

Card # 79 and # 17 of my set

Percentage Complete:

Cost of the Card:
15.35 with shipping

Total Cost of Set to Date:

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  1. Nice find! I haven't made use of any of the grading companies myself, but I have picked up some KSA. I've thought they come in about a half point higher that PSA. A KSA 7 looks to me like a PSA 6.5.