Monday, February 6, 2012

Card of the Week - Sam Gagner

Hard to imagine anyone having a better week than Sam Gagner. What does a kid fresh off the first 8 point night since the 80's do? How does a three point night sound? Since the all-star break, Sam has 6 goals and 6 assists in 3 games. Not too bad considering he had only 5 goals and 21 points in the previous 42 games. Now Sam is on pace to top his rookie totals which are his career highs at the moment. The next few weeks will be very interesting for Mr. Gagner as his trade value has increased and the Oilers are still looking to retool their team for future success.

I know the Devils could be interested with their problems filing the Center position with healthy bodies and having a surplus of talented young defensemen could bode well for a future trade....but I am not holding my breath on that one.

My collection of Sam Gagner's increased by one recently (and before the 8 point game) with this card..

10-11 Certified Mirror Blue Materials #58
As I have mentioned before, I really like Certified cards on the secondary market. This card was a part of a decent sized lot of 10-11 Certified inserts and game used cards so the price per card was in the $1.50 range. The front side features the photo on foilboard with a smallish swatch of blue jersey.

The back side

The backs feature the card numbered out of 100 along with stats and a write-up. Like a broken record, I will say this is how Game-Used cards should be. I will certainly buy these cards all day at a buck fifty a pop. In fact, if I didn't have too many partial sets and limited cash, I would like to try and build the Mirror Blue Materials set.

How I received the card: Lot purchase from eBay

Beckett Value: 4-10 dollars


  1. Couldn't agree more with you on the secondary market for Certified, and, well, most Panini products. I'm usually able to pick up all the cards I want from one of their releases for way less than the cost of a box. Hopefully the "SUPER MOJO" box breakers don't figure it out.

    I do like the Blue Materials, but I think the Red Duals are my favorite, especially with two different color swatches.

  2. Funny you should mention that Nick, there was a red duals in the lot as well (Colin Wilson) which is the third reason why I threw a bid in on the whole lot.

    I agree too, I hope those crazy hit chasers keep unloading their undesirables at great prices for collectors like you and I!

  3. Very nice card!
    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about a promo card that was made in 05-06 (?) of Sam Gagner and John Tavares together in their Team Canada uniforms from the World Juniors?
    Trying to get some info on this card.