Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not all is well in Newark

Well after a loss that is all to reminiscent of the collapse last year, one is left wondering if the Devils really have what it takes to make it far in the playoffs. It seems the Devils have been pretty hot and cold this season with very little in between, and this past month has been pretty frigid. It pretty much began with the lights going out and continued along the lines of playing in the dark!

It is difficult to really blame one aspect of their game, but defensively the Devils really have not been pulling their weight. I feel that if we are going to take a serious run this season, we need more than the return of Paul Martin. Martin has been out since game 9 of the season with a fractured arm which had not healed correctly so he has had an extended stay on the IR. I feel we should either use this time to help groom some young talent like Corrente or Eckford and along with some of the other youngsters build up some experience and see where it takes us or make a move for a veteran d-man (and I don't mean another Havelid).

Fact of the matter is, the status quo is really not an option as the second half of the season progresses and the biggest difference that Lou can make will be on the back end. Time will tell if we will be contenders or pretenders for the 2010 Cup.

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