Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another HOF sub-toonie treasure.

My loot package needs to wait a bit longer since I have had no time to scan all the cards and I really want to do that post properly. At the same time, I don't want my blog to get stagnant  like it did in the summer. 

Who doesn't love Lucky Luc? Ok, there might be a few people but I am not one of them. I have his rookie and his auto and now his game used card. So another HOF Trifecta in the books. While it isn't my intention of doing that with every player I will try when the opportunity presents itself like this one. 

White swatch and high print run are keys to low prices. I will make a post in the future featuring the trio of cards together but in the meantime, here is the third piece.


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    1. Thanks! Pretty happy with this and Theo for how cheap they were.