Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So When Is It Enough? I am not sure if it will be three.

So my regular readers might have remember when I got my first Dryden rookie a few years ago:

The front is rough, tape stains etc. The back is near-mint. What is this card worth? Who knows some would call it worthless and others would love to have it. I am more in the latter crowd but still, I wanted a better one.

Then a little over a year ago I got this gem:
Crease free, slight rounding of corners and off centered. However, it is also a Topps version but I was very pleased to get it and the price was super fair via auction.

Then that brings me to my latest Dryden acquisition:

Here it is, this one is an OPC one with fantastic centering. The back and front are no where near mint and arguably a little way away from VG. That being said, it still is a wonderful addition to my collection and cost me nothing out of my pocket because it was all trade with my LCS. I got rid of some modern cards I didn't care for anymore and got my third Dryden. In a perfect world I would like my last to be EX or better but I guess I will slowly climb the Dryden ladder and end up there someday.

I know I was supposed to unveil my Richard auto with this post but I don't have my act together in that department so please forgive me!

And for those that don't know, here is my auto from Ken Dryden which of course completes my HOF project on him a couple of times over.



    How did you get Dryden's autograph? Was it to buy your vote?

    1. Haha I wish I could have voted for him but I was a few provinces away. I just wrote him while he was still an MP and talked about my admiration for him as a person and a player. I guess it didn't hurt we have similar political views either.

  2. I love the autograph. Almost never see those.

    1. Thank you, it was without a doubt one of the best returns I ever got period. I had no idea of how rare they were until I tried to buy one after the fact.