Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When the Kings win the Cup, so do I!

When the Kings won the Cup a couple years ago, they beat my beloved Devils I might have felt like I lost, but I did win something! This time around my Devils didn't make the playoffs so I was able to cheer guilt free. However, they got themselves into some trouble early on but when it was said and done they were the best team in the NHL and as a result won their second Cup in franchise history.

In the beginning Casey warned us the prizes were going to be awesome and man o man, they were better than anyone including me could have expected. Without further ado, here is the loot:

91-92 Parkhurst Niklas Lidstrom Rookie
 One of my favourite sets from the 90's and my absolute favourite from that year. A rookie of a future HOF defenseman is not a bad way to start.

 91-92 Parkhurst Dominik Hasek Rookie
 While this is one of my favourite sets of all-time, this isn't one of my favourite players. Not even close to one. But he too will likely find his way into the Hall of Fame some day and not just as a visitor. I do to just remember him as a Hawk because it seems like after he left everything went down hill as far as respect goes.

91-92 Upper Deck Dominik Hasek Rookie
 Hate the set and hate the player. Still a future HOF rookie so it isn't all bad!

91-92 Upper Deck Teemu Selanne Rookie
 Future HOF rookie? Yep, and maybe you are noticing a pattern with this awesome look. While I dislike the set, I did like the Canada Cup cards at the beginning of the set, it is more the base card design and over production that I disliked.

90-91 Upper Deck Pavel Bure Rookie
 I could own 100 of these and it won't diminish the coolness of Bure's only rookie card. K is for Kaptain.

95-96 SPx Daniel Alfredsson Rookie
 Very cool card and one design I haven't actually seen before. I wasn't into collecting much during this time period and only have his Young Gun from this year thanks to me still going after Collector's Choice. However, this is a neat enough card to have me interested in the set and this is another example of a future HOF rookie I am sure.

77-78 OPC Cleveland Barons
 Fun cards you can only find in the OPC release of 77-78. I have a Colorado Rockies one and this makes two. I wish Topps included this so I could try and track them all down as part of my set chase which I will post about at a later date.

76-77 OPC KC Scouts Team Checklist
 Back when the Devils franchise began. Just a cool card that of course means Casey cares.

77-78 OPC Craig Patrick
 Another card from a set I like more than the average collector (again more on this in another post). I don't have many from the OPC release so this card is another welcomed addition.

88-89 OPC Steve Yzerman 5th year
 Back on the HOF/future HOF track. Stevie Y from the iconic 88-89 OPC set.

87-88 OPC Steve Yzerman 4th year
 Here is Steve from the not-so iconic 87/88 OPC set. I really don't know why this set isn't loved as much (design is a little weak). Oates and Robitaille rookies are the biggies here but a few good sleeper rookies like Damphousse, Mike Vernon, Stephane Richer, Claude Lemieux and Bill Ranford to name a few.

86-87 OPC Steve Yzerman 3rd year
 One of the coolest Yzerman cards coming my way and one I definitely didn't own but really wanted to have.

89-90 Topps Brian Leetch Rookie
Tired of the HOF and future HOF rookies yet? I am definitely not. Another one I might already own but is in amazing shape like all the cards that came my way and is truly appreciated.

79-80 OPC Barry Melrose Rookie
 This rookie books for higher than Simmer AND Tonelli! Make sense? Not to me but this is a pretty cool rookie nonetheless. Check out the upper left of the photo, looks like a printing error and I never noticed that before this post.

74-75 OPC WHA Anders Hedberg Rookie
 WHA HOF'ers! This package I got from Casey is amazing and there was a pair of WHA HOF rookies.

74-75 OPC WHA Ulf Nilsson
 Ulf is another WHA HOF rookie in the collection. Even though I already had these two cards, the condition they are both in are superior to the ones I have in my set and so I am very pleased to have doubles!

90-91 Score Martin Brodeur
 Wow. Best Devils goalie ever. Top 5 in NHL history if you ask me and maybe even top 3 depending on what we are talking about. Another very fine specimen for the collection.

02-03 Crown Royale Tim Thomas Rookie Purple /799
 Didn't have this one at all and glad I do now. Not a big fan of him, but I love rookies and I was missing one from the former Vezina winner.

02-03 SPx Ryan Miller Rookie /999
Another top notch player and perennial Vezina candidate in rookie form. Like Thomas, I really would like to have owned one but didn't have it high enough on the priority list to make the purchase. Really glad to see this one in the package.

84/85 OPC Steve Yzerman Rookie Leader
Part of the base set but from Stevie's rookie year is this leader card. I have a couple of his base rookies but only one of these cards which is in the set as well. Very happy to add this to my collection and I would LOVE to get it signed some day. Not sure if he does TTMs but I will check into it as this might be an awesome mail away.

62-63 Topps Jean Ratelle 2nd year
The 2nd oldest card in the lot and one of the coolest is Jean Ratelle. This is his second year card and the stats on the back are all from his rookie season. This card is OLD and in amazing shape. Another huge addition to the collection and one I didn't have but always wanted.

57-58 Topps Alex Delvecchio
Holy PC love Batman. Just pure amazing this card is.

79-80 OPC Gordie Howe Final Year
Another card I always wanted but didn't have. I have two of these in Topps form but not the cooler OPC. This card is amazing and in such superb condition it has been sitting on my display mantle for weeks now. Another winner for the winner!

77-78 OPC WHA Gordie Hower
Last card is another amazing Howe card. This is one I already had in my set but the one Casey sent was superior is quality and is also on my mantle at home. Just amazing when you consider all the cards and you have two Gordie Howe's from his playing days. Many consider Gordie the greatest of all-time and some day I would like to have one of every card from his playing days and having a couple not in a set I am building/already have is pretty nice.

Thank you very much Casey, all of these cards are going to be well taken care of and appreciated for a very long time!

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