Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eric Gelinas Prizm Rookie /10

Lou certainly wanted to save the best for last with his summer signing and finally Eric Gelinas resigned with the Devils for what is likely a bridging contract of 1 year at 900k. Last season Eric played very well offensively and when compared with other rookie defenseman, he was among the best. He finished tied for 3rd in points even though he appeared in the fewest games of any in the top 5. Eric also was tied for the league lead in GWG among rookie rearguards and second in power play points. 

This kid is going to be an offensive superstar and that is something the offensively challenged Devils need more of from their back end. I am hopeful that he will prove himself this season and get more minutes and hopefully and lengthy contract. His agent wanted him to hold out for more but I think Eric did the right thing putting team first and I am sure he will be rewarded after this year.

2013/14 Panini Prizm Gold Rookie /10
This amazing piece of art was numbered 1/10 and I found this one in the spring. My biggest gripe about this past year is the sheer number of Daniel Bang autos out on the market ( I count 4 different releases with his auto and he will NEVER be back in the NHL after playing 8 games) and NONE of Reid Boucher or Eric Gelinas.

If there is any hope now it will be in 2013/14 The Cup (assuming it is coming out) which if it does come out won't be until 2016 I am sure.


  1. Really nice card, I bet it looks even more impressive in person than it does in the scan.

  2. Thanks Shane. The card does have a "glow" and is pretty snazzy in person. I am going to miss some of Panini's products.