Friday, January 18, 2019

Hi Everybody! It isn't Dr. Nick...

Hey all, still not dead but somedays it probably felt like it. Truth is I am still around, I have been tweeting a bit lately and a bit during the summer and early fall. One of the reasons is it is just so easy to post and interact and it can be done anywhere. However, I am dedicated to start posting here, especially after a few years of limited posting and content. One project I do have on the go for all those who are into Twitter or Pro Set please check me out @ProSetCards.

I can't leave you hanging on here without posting something so here is a gem I found on COMC ages ago.

90-91 Upper Deck Sergei Fedorov Young Gun French
Once upon a time I remember when I was a kid and we had satellite tv there used to be these QVC-style sports card auction site/sales site. Usually it was just sales and my step-dad and I would watch it for hours. The guy pretty much always said (Neear-mint to Miiint). The grainy standard def broadcast of the early 90's wouldn't betray his analysis either. On this channel I saw Brett Hull OPC rookies selling for 150 dollars and this about card was pushing close to 100 dollars on some evenings. I paid $1.58. Money very well spent because I remember laying on the floor wishing I had that card because I thought someday it will be worth some serious money. Well turns out it isn't but the memories are priceless and that is the true value! Anyway, I hope this post finds you all well and I promise to be back in a day or two! Cheers.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Parade of 53-54 Parkhurst Day 6 - Bert Olmstead

Next up is Dirty Bertie. The one award that was always out of reach for Bert Olmstead was the Lady Byng and I am more than sure he was fine with that. Every team needs a little grit and sandpaper to win a championship and it was safe to say Bert provided that service for the Habs. Bert would win four Cups in his career with the Habs and one more with the Leafs before retiring from hockey. 

While Bert never lead the league in PIMs, he was never one to shy away from physicality or taking the occasional penalty. Bert was best known for being able to dish out hits with the best of them but he could also dish out passes and actually lead the league in assists in back to back seasons (1954-1956). 

1953-54 Parkhurst Bert Olmstead
Bert has great colour like the last couple cards but a few more creases and some rounded corners. Based on the look on his face and body language my best guess is he's dished the puck off and is about to be hit by another player.

Here is the back side of the card which points out that he was traded to Montreal from Detroit. What is most interesting is that trade occurred during the regular season but he would never actually play a game in Detroit. He would start that 1950-51 season in Chicago and would be traded to Detroit in Dec of 1950. Then got flipped to Montreal about 17 days later in the trade mentioned on the back of the card. The original trade from Chicago to Detroit saw Bert being traded with Vic Stasiuk for Lee Fogolin and Steve Black. What I find neat about that trade is both players going from Detroit to Chicago are from my hometown (Fort William which eventually becomes Thunder Bay). Needless to say the best piece of any of these trades was Bert and I am sure both the Hawks and Wings may have regretted those deals eventually.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Parade of 53-54 Parkhurst Day 5 - Eddie Sandford

Eddie Sandford is a player who I didn't know much about before doing this post but afterwards learned that it takes many players to make a team successful and sometimes the best one on the team are the most reliable ones and reliability is what Ed Sandford always brought to the table. 

Ed broke into the league in 47-48 at the age of 19 and would last 503 games and leave the NHL when he was 27. Each season he played except for one which saw him play just 10 games, Ed would score between 10-16 goals each and every year of his career. The highlight of his playing career would likely have been 1953 when he played in the Stanley Cup finals against the Canadiens. Ed had a career postseason which saw him score 8 goals in 8 games but unfortunately the Habs were just too much for the Bruins and they would win the series 4-1. 

Eddie would play another couple seasons and eventually hang up his skates after a season split between the Hawks and the Wings. Eddie would rejoin the Bruins and work for them in a variety of different capacities. 

1953-54 Parkhurst Eddie Sandford
This card is sharp! Maybe not the corners, but the colouring and lack of creases make it a great looking card. I also love the action shot and the inclusion of a couple other players and a few folks in the stands. This really is just one beautiful piece of cardboard in my eyes. 

Here is the backside. As you can see it is not the best centering but I assure you it is at least cut straight. My scanner and the penny sleeve the card is in created a bit of an optical illusion here. Thank you so much for stopping by! For all those out there who care, Happy Canada Day!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Parade of 53-54 Parkhurst Day 4 - Sid Smith

Growing up in Ontario and living in Canada the Maple Leafs have always been around me in terms of television, media and just general conversation. However given that I am a member of the under 40 years of age demographic, the 1993 season was probably their best year and best chance to win the Cup since I have been alive. What I find neat is when I collect and complete older sets is imagining how different the world was at that time (when the Leafs were on top). 

This brings us to Day 3 and Mr. Sid Smith. Sid won three Cups with the Leafs with the last one being in 1951 which was a couple of seasons before this card was printed. If the Conn Smythe Trophy existed back in 1951 Sid would likely have been a finalist. Sid was the Leafs leading goal scorer during that playoff run and finished one goal behind the Rocket who had 8. Max Bentley lead the team in points and playoffs in points with 13 just 3 ahead of Sid Smith. 

Sid was a very good player during his time in the league and arguably would make the Hall of Very Good if one existed. He scored 20 or more goals six times in his career and finished in the top 10 in scoring three times. His best season was when they won the Cup in 50-51 when he finished with 30 goals and 51 points. Sid would eventually leave the NHL and move to the Ontario Senior league but before he hung up his skates for good he helped lead Team Canada to a Gold Medal a the 1958 World Hockey Championships were he'd score 9 goals and 14 points in 7 games. 

1953-54 Parkhurst Sid Smith
As you can see from the front, the card is a bit worn but what is very great is the colouring on the front still looks like it might have when it emerged from the pack 64 years ago. A few creases and rounded corners indicate it was probably played with a bit before it when into a box somewhere for a long period of time.

Here's the back side of the card. As you can read he was definitely a contender each season for the Lady Byng and would actually win twice in his career. Sid would also finish in the top five in voting for the award another four times.

Well thanks for stopping by, only a few more to go in this parade before I get a chance to update and share some other cards from my collection.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Parade of 53-54 Parkhurst Day 3 - Dave Creighton

Next up in the parade is Dave Creighton. Much like one of my heroes Alex Delvecchio, Dave was born in what would be known today as Thunder Bay. Dave would be born on the Port Arthur side rather than the Fort William which means little today but back in the day I am sure there would have been a little rivalry. 

Dave had a very respectable NHL career playing in over 600 games over the course of 12 years. His best offensive season was in 57-58 when he scored 52 points in 70 games. Dave would also score 20 goals twice and had over 15 goals in 6 different seasons and finish with 140 goals and 314 points in his career. Dave never won the Stanley Cup but did play for it in 52-53 when the Bruins lost to the Habs 4 games to 1. Dave did have one other accomplishment and that was he was a father to a former NHLer Adam Creighton. 

53-54 Parkhurst Dave Creighton
Here is the front side of the card. While Dave had been in the league for a few years, this is only his second NHL card with the first being from the previous 52-53 seasons. This card features a neat action shot where you can almost see the whole puck as it arrives on his stick (or just left his stick).

Here is the back side of the card. Much like the front, it has been well loved and handled but still in acceptable shape despite the mis-cut.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to continue the parade over the next couple days!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Parade of 53-54 Parkhurst Day 2 - Jimmy Thomson

Day two and the parade continues! This time we have a stop in Toronto with card number 8 which features NHL legend and player's advocate Jimmy Thomson.

53-54 Parkhurst Jimmy Thomson
I really like this card for a few reasons. First off like his rookie card, it clearly demonstrates an action photo which was translated into a piece of art. Second of all, look at his face, the detail and concentration also indicate this isn't just a posed shot. 

Another thing I love about this card is the write-up on the back. Just take a moment to read through it! I am sure the same thing popped out to you as it did me. In all just a pretty cool piece of NHL cardboard.

Jimmy was an excellent and reliable NHL player who spent 13 seasons in the NHL and from the sounds of things could have played longer if not for some issues with Conn Smythe and Jimmy's desire to start a player's union. During his playing career Jimmy would win the Memorial Cup and 4 Stanley Cups. In addition to these team accomplishments, he would also be named to the NHL second all-star team twice. Sadly Jimmy did pass away back in 1991 but his legacy in the NHLPA will live on in his honour.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Parade of 53-54 Parkhurst Day 1 - Bill Dineen

It's been a few years since I have last updated my progress on the 53-54 Parkhurst set. I have added a few more since that time and thought I would share them all in a parade of Parkhurst cards. When I last took count I believe I was at 24 based on my previous post and I will have that number over 30 by the end of it all so please enjoy the next few posts!

53-54 Parkhurst Bill Dineen UER RC
I know what you're thinking, it says Al Arbour on here and you are correct. The Hall of Fame head coach has an error of a RC. It seems Parkhurst put a picture on Bill Dineen on his card instead of Al and his very distinctive glasses. Al's pic does appear in the set but it's on card number 38 instead and it's on Bill Dineen's card. Based on the Beckett and collectors in general despite this card stating everything about Al Arbour, it's considered to be Bill Dineen's rookie.

Here is the back side of the card which again talks about Al and his abilities with the puck. Bill started off in the NHL before eventually becoming an AHL star. Bill managed to hit double digits in goals 3 out of his 5 NHL seasons as a player. Bill Dineen was also a coach like Al and was also a successful coach like Al. Bill won two Avco Cups (WHA) and coached for a small period of time in the AHL and NHL. Bill did have a couple sons who would go on to play in the NHL most notably Kevin Dineen who also like Al and his father Bill would spend time coaching in the AHL and NHL. Kevin currently is an assistant coach with the Blackhawks and Bill sadly passed away about two years ago. Bill was inducted into the WHA Hall of Fame in 2010 and will forever be the face of this "Alger Arbour" card.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Back with a line of Golden Misfits

Wow, that was far longer than it needed to be but time is one of those things that seem to fix all. I did a little networking tweek between my desktop and network and all is well again. So, the playoffs have been nearly as surprising as the regular season was to me and I think front and center is the Golden Misfits line in Vegas.


William Karlsson

Poor Wild Bill has had to change locations a few times in the last 5 years. Since 2014 he has played for 6 different clubs but it is with Vegas he as truly found a home. Hard to believe he was once a Duck but it is true. He played 18 games with them scoring 2 goals and an assist during that time. Then during trade deadline 2015 he found himself shipped to Columbus as part of the failed James Wisniewski deal which was a disaster for Anaheim and James didn't even suit up for a single playoff game. After stealing him away from Anaheim, Columbus lost him in the expansion draft and the rest is history. 43 goals and 78 points in the regular season and 12 points in 13 playoff games mean Wild Bill is money! 

Above is the front and back of his Trilogy Rookie Premieres card. It is numbered to /225 and I landed it years ago in a lot deal. Might have paid 2-3 dollars a card at the time.

Right Wing

Reilly Smith

While William Karlsson was clearly the biggest surprise of the line, both the other two guys are players clearly showing they belong among the leagues elite and have put together a great season thus far. Reilly Smith had a great year finishing 4th in team scoring with 60 points but he did so only playing 67 games. Prorated you are looking at a player who would have had 73 points this year. Unlike Karlsson, Reilly has had some success in the past including two seasons where he broke 20 goals and he also hit at least 50 points. Reilly was a player who has done well but was more of a salary dump by the Panthers who felt they had loads of other young players set to get big pay days and needed the room. Good for a team with a need for talent and lots of cap space. 

Above is a Panini Prime Rookies parallel which is numbered to /50. I picked this one up after Reilly's first 20 goal season when he was with the Bruins. Reilly has technically been traded 3 times and wasn't an expansion pick up. He was traded out of Dallas as part of the Seguin trade. Then he was traded to Florida as part of a salary dump of Marc Savard and then he was traded to Vegas as a dump of his own salary (5 yr, 25 million) which as he current production is a great deal. This post season Smith has had 14 points in 13 games.

Left Wing

Jonathan Marchessault

Last one from the top line is my favourite player of the three and arguably maybe even the most talented. Originally Jonathan Audy-Marchessault, he was a player who played very well in the Q but always was deemed too small. However, he managed to score very well in the AHL as well but despite some excellent production (295 games, 254 points) he would only see 49 NHL contests between the Jackets and Lightning over three seasons. Caught deep in the depth chart meant he was expendable and the Panthers decided to give him a shot. A few injuries to the Panthers roster gave him some more ice time and he delivered scoring 30 goals with the Panthers last season. Seeing there was a looming salary cap issue (perhaps Luongo's crazy contract has lead to these issues) they didn't protect him and Vegas said thank you very much!

While technically his goal production was "down" this season, with just 27 goals instead of 30, his assists were up significantly as he managed to bump his career high from 51 points last year to 75 points this year. Above is his Select Auto Rookie which is numbered to /399. I landed this one from the LCS last year from pocket change (about 3 dollars) just as he was starting to heat up for the Panthers.

So time will when this Cinderella story will end and regardless of it's outcome I know this will be among one of the greatest stories in modern NHL history and we can certainly say the top line had much to do with the success Vegas has achieved.

What are your thoughts? Have you had a few of the Vegas players in your collection without realizing it? When do you think this season will end for them?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Will My Scanner Ever Get Fixed?

Well Gallant has lead his team to the conference finals and last night the Jets punched their tickets so on to the conference finals we go! My hobby fun has continued in my blogging absence with some great trades and pick ups.

However, since I upgraded my wifi network my scanner has not wanted to participate in the party. This isn't the first time I've encountered this issue, its just the first time I've had this problem and my solutions haven't worked. I will give it a proper college try this weekend and hopefully be back posting on Monday! Hope all are well in the blogging world and I look forward to being active soon.

In the interim, here is something in honour of the Jets making their first ever conference finals from my COMC account.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Will Gerard Gallant Ever Get Respect?

I think it is safe to say the answer to my question is yes when he hoists this year's Jack Adams Trophy as best coach. However, this has been a long time coming if you ask me and the number of times he's be slighted or over looked will probably make this seem that much more sweet too.

Even the hobby world hasn't been the kindest to poor Gerard. Let's look at his rookie card.

87-88 OPC Gerard Gerald Gallant Rookie
Well for starters Gerard apparently goes by Gerald for this particular season, I am sure it was a pretty simple misunderstanding given Gerald is likely a more common name than Gerard. Still its never nice to have your first hockey card ever with the wrong name on the front.

 When you flip it over there is more insult to injury. OPC/Topps consistently write his name as Gerald on the back too. Then you look to see it wasn't even his first NHL season. It took three years for Gerard to get a rookie card and in all fairness he put up some decent numbers in some of those seasons. Again, no respect for Gerard.

Once upon a time the 87-88 OPC set was a must have for all collectors. It was loaded with pretty talented and highly priced rookies and second year cards. Some of the notables were Luc Robitaille, Adam Oates, Ron Hextall, Mike Vernon and many many others. Patrick Roy's second year card also has a great deal of collector's attention and the book price was nearly 200 in the early 90's. Today the set can be had for about half that price and many of those rookies came down to earth thanks to the internet making transactions easier and cards more available and a decrease in demand. Still during all that time a Gerard Gallant rookie could be had for a handful of nickels. Gallant would go on and have a decent NHL career scoring 30+ goals 4 times and 200+ penalty min in those seasons which is a feat few have accomplished. A bad back would force him out of hockey until he'd come back as a coach.

Gerard would win two QMJHL championships as the coach of the Sea Dogs and then he would come to the NHL and get the Panthers back in the playoffs. After a rough start the Panthers gave up on poor Gerard and made some other strange strange from office moves. Then came along the Vegas Golden Knights. I almost think the lack of respect poor Gerard has had over the years made him a perfect choice to run the Island of Misfit Toys because this year has been like none other and I believe they could very well make it out of the first round in the playoffs. Regardless of what happens I believe Gallant is a huge factor and maybe a Jack Adams will help get some of that respect and people will know the name Gerard and not Gerald for good!

Despite this season's successes, you can still land a Gallant rc for a great deal. Currently the book price on Gallant is about $1.00 compared to Ulf Samuelsson's rookie from the same set which books for $6.00! Which of those would you rather in your collection or running your team?

Thanks for stopping by!