Tuesday, February 17, 2015

08-09 SPx Winning Materials Hull and Hawerchuk

Normally I write something before the card, but not today. Check out that card. What are your thoughts? Anything surprising? Arguably two of the best players to ever wear the jersey (Selanne is in that discussion too). Swatches are small, but hey, these are two Hall of Famers here! Jersey swatches are different! Can you believe one is game used and the other is event used? Probably, UD loves doing that. But, it turns out the Hull is the game used and Hawerchuk is event used. As it stands, in my Hawerchuk collection, I now have 2 event used and 3 game used Hawerchuk swatches. But more importantly, I have my first game used Hull! Best part, you can't see this on the card but I paid 2 bucks! Never in a million years did I expect to get it but I did. Would you pay that price knowing one is essentially a fake? At the time I didn't know it was a fake but the swatch on the Hull looked very real to me and that is why I pulled the trigger. I know have Bobby Hull autos and a Bobby Hull game used. I do hope to get his rookie some day so I will hold off on the HOF post for now....but that will be a pretty tall order!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

11-12 Dominion David Savard Rookie Patch Auto /58

Here is another card from an epic twitter trade I had made. There were two David Savard autos in the lot and this was by far the better of the two. On card auto, huge two colour patch and a nice and low print run with beautiful gold foil. What else could a collector of modern cards want? Cards like these make it pretty impossible for me to be strictly vintage!

11-12 Dominion David Savard Rookie Patch Auto /58
David is a good Canadian kid who is slowly coming into his own in the NHL. As a member of the Blue Jackets, he logs about 22 minutes every night and plays in all situations. He is already at career highs for goals, assists and points with 8, 15 and 23 respectively. At this pace, he should score 13 goals and have 32 points by the end of the season. I believe there is still room between where he is now and his ceiling and I hope he continues to flourish on an exciting Blue Jackets club.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Easy come, easy go and come again.

A while ago, I reluctantly traded away my Roy rookie. In all fairness, I got a pretty amazing card which did have a higher book value, but I assure you if I took the time to grade that gem, it would easily fetch full book value on that Brodeur if not more. But I let it go because in the end I liked what I got back in return more.

A few months later, I was searching on HI and a collector put out a call for anyone selling Ryan Murphy cards, well it just so happened that I had a decent one and I would be willing to move! We chatted back and forth and he cited some eBay sales and I cited it had some value to me as a card and in the end we found a very agreeable value where both sides were happy. Knowing I let an important card go away I decided to fix a hole and I landed a SET of 86-87 Topps including Mr Roy.

While the card isn't as nice as the previous, I would suggest it is a solid NrMt (the other was Mint I swear) and the rest of the set is pretty nice. Not having any sets from that year, it is nice to cross 86-87 off my list giving me at least one set a year from 1980-1997 or 98 (can't remember exactly where I stop off). 

As some of you know, I just had wrist surgery to repair a problem I have had since the summer and this is my first post since the procedure. I hope to be back a little more regularly now that I am feeling better and I also have a few sets I want to share as well as countless additions due to trades etc.

Thanks for bearing with me over the past few months of inactivity etc I promise you at least the same quality I had before (setting the bar low here) ;)

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Greatest Goalie in Devils History and Possibly NHL History Retires

I definitely owe Marty more than I can ever mention in a post. I could probably dedicate an entire blog and fill it with 691 posts and STILL not do him justice. I have been a Devils fan since 1987 and in those nearly 30 years I have been a very very spoiled fan. 3 Cups, 2 other Cup final appearances and many many more playoff appearances. In the mid-late 90's when he was putting up his best numbers he was often overlooked because of the great tandem of D-men in front of him. It was almost like he was being punished for being on a good team. That didn't happen to Ken Dryden, but for some reason it happened to Marty. Still he never complained and kept putting up HOF numbers and finally in the 2000's he got his due. 2 Olympic gold medals and a HOF career. Now he is transitioning to stage two of his life and I suspect he will be just as successful there as he was on the ice. I look forward to his Devils return next year where he will likely join management in some capacity and I hope to see him as our GM some day (assuming it is a fit and something he wants).

In the meantime, here is a nice card my BFAM (Brother from another mother) Tom sent me a couple months back.

13-14 Artifacts Tundra Trios Brodeur/Elias/Kovalchuk
This card features three neat players. First is the GOAT Devil Marty, then our franchise leading scorer Patrik and finally what some may call our greatest mistake Ilya. This card is nearly perfect, I would love to have seen a white swatch and maybe a D-man instead of Kovy.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

11-12 Dominion Mammoth - Adam Henrique (Player Worn) /50

There are some cards out there that are part of my PC but I really don't care if I ever land them. This card is a prime example. While Panini did some pretty bad things (Pinnacle anyone?), Dominion was one of my favourite products. But with that being said, the Mammoth inserts were pretty much ho-hum in my opinion and for really only one reason. There is no blue in the Devils jerseys....ever! I suspect I am now a proud owner of a Panini jersey swatch! I have seen a few photos and patches from that said jersey and it really is the only thing that makes sense here. So the question is, do I really want to own a piece of a jersey that is about as fake as they get? The answer is pretty much no.

With that being said, I made a twitter trade a while back which featured a load of cards and this one was in there so I am guessing I care about it more than a Henrique base card but that is primarily because it at least has a low print run and is a rookie year card.

11-12 Dominion Mammoth - Adam Henrique (Player Worn) /50

What I do like about the card is the photo, NHLPA symbol and the large swatch size. I really just dislike the swatch. If that was a nice Devils jersey, this card would have been a winner for me. Instead, it is another for the pile and one I will probably not display on a regular basis.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fin Finds - 13-14 UD Series 1 Marc Staal Game Used Patch /15

My LCS seems to have little respect for GU cards with many living in the 3 for 5 bin or are labelled with unbelievably awesome prices. That is the case with this card.

Marc and I are from the same part of the world with both of us having been born on the Fort William side of Thunder Bay.

13-14 UD Series 1 Marc Staal Game Used Patch /15
Being a collector who has busted countless packs of UD's base set I can attest these patch cards are nearly impossible to pull. Since getting back into the hobby in 2007, I probably have busted over a case or two of this stuff and while the is a small number to some, that is still a pretty significant number of boxes. In that time, I have pulled loads of game used cards, countless Young Guns and even more inserts. I however have only managed to pull 1 patch card and 1 autograph card. The patch card was a pretty epic experience and it is a card that probably has diminished a fair bit in value due to saturation but is still a card I cherish a fair bit. The autograph was of Ryan Potulny and I certainly don't hold it in the same light!

Landing a fellow Thunder Bay boy in patch form with a really low print run is a nice deal if you ask me, what sweetens it is the fact it cost a fin! Yep 5 bucks for a card that if I spent 4 bucks on a pack and pulled I would have danced a jig. Hmm, am I finished with packs for good now?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

13-14 Prime Mark Arcobello Rookie /25 (Trade bait?)

Here is another twitter trade acquisition. I got this from someone in a pretty big blockbuster trade and I wanted the card initially because I like the kid and I have a soft spot for the Oilers as far as Canadian teams go. 

Check out the swatches. A two colour patch, a two colour jersey, a white jersey and a piece of the fight strap! Nice on card auto, but sadly a little chipping on the far side. I didn't notice the chipping when then scans were sent prior to trade but the swatches more than make up for it.

13-14 Prime Mark Arcobello Rookie /25
So what to do with this card now? Since the trade, Mark has been waived from Nashville and Edmonton and has landed in Pittsburgh. I like this landing spot because it means he could get a chance to just play offense which is his best trait. However, Pittsburgh also means that many teams passed on him during the waiver process and unless he starts performing he could be in his last NHL stop. I am hopeful things will work out and in the meantime I can enjoy this card. However, since he is out of Edmonton the draw to own this is a little less and I certainly can make it available to anyone who might be a die-hard Arco fan or Pittsburgh/Nashville fan.

Monday, January 19, 2015

13-14 ITG Heroes and Prospects Jonathan Drouin Subway Super Series Patch /30

Living in Nova Scotia for the past 10 years have been pretty good, especially from a hockey standpoint. The Mooseheads have had some pretty decent teams during that time and the province has pumped out a few decent players. Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon being the two best in recent years. While Jonathan Drouin is not a Nova Scotia native, he did spend a couple seasons with the Mooseheads so I am willing to overlook place of birth and call him one of our own!

13-14 ITG Heroes and Prospects Jonathan Drouin Subway Super Series Patch /30

Still waiting to land an official rookie auto of this kid but in the meantime here is a nice game used patch from the Subway Super Series! This is from the crest on the front of his jersey and is a pretty decent sized one at that! I love how affordable ITG stuff is on the secondary market and if you plan on not making it an investment piece, then it is often the best bang for your buck! Landed this a while back for less than a pack of Artifacts shipped!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

11/12 Panini Prime Larsson/Greene/Brodeur Prime Trio /100

Another twitter trade here this time with my brother from another mother Tom. He collects Brodeur exclusively but lucky for me he doesn't want the card sullied with any other players so I was able to get this beauty among others.

11/12 Panini Prime Larsson/Greene/Brodeur Prime Trio /100
Just an awesome and simple card with Three future HOF'ers on it. Oops did I say three? One is a very very very long shot to make the Hall and the other is too early in his career but the start definitely isn't one of HOF pedigree but hey Marty is on the card. I actually like the other two kids as well! Any Greene could be our next captain (secretly I am hoping for Henrique) and Adam will finally get a chance to learn and grow with Scott Stevens at the helm so this card definitely is cool to me!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Give me an A - Probably one of the coolest names in the NHL

Radko Gudas. In my opinion one of the most unique names I have ever heard and probably as cool as Zarley Zalapski!

I have made loads of Twitter trades in the last couple months and now time is a bit on my side I hope to start sharing some of them.

13-14 UD Ultimate Radko Gudas Debut Threads Ultimate Patch /100
Here is a pretty awesome patch with some very nice holo-foiling around it. This patch features a good portion of the Tampa A as well as a piece of the T and M. These are the types of patches we are used to seeing ITG and Panini pump out and now UD is getting their act together. I hope we see more patches like this in the future on cards with this large of a print run!