Thursday, February 14, 2013

Long over due contest thanks to Drop The Gloves!

Here is another post that I have really been meaning to fire off, but alas no time and no life has been in the way.... When the Devils lost in the Cup final, Casey's contest at Drop The Gloves! ensured I wasn't a complete loser as my randomly assigned team was the LA Kings.

Here is my Kings ransom of loot and crown jewels! Thanks Casey.

07-08 SPX Jack Johnson Rookie /999
Remember back to 07-08 when Jack Johnson was the top hold-over rookie? Well his career hasn't quite taken off as some have predicted but he is a pretty good defenseman who missed out on a ring thanks to a trade with the Bluejackets.

10-11 Crown Royale Drew Doughty Auto /100
Here is someone who didn't miss out on his ring. Drew is a going to be a huge part of the 2014 Games if NHL'ers are allowed to participate and I do respect this guy's game.

Both of these guys are very welcome additions to my collection especially Doughty since this is my first auto of his and my Johnson is my first legit auto rookie of his. In addition to these two awesome cards, there were a pile of other rookies of current and former Kings including Jeff Carter, Brayden Schenn etc. So thank you very very much for helping me deal with a loss did sting a tiny bit less knowing you were going to take care of me.

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