Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lets Rip Some Wax - 8 Packs of 10-11 Zenith

I love wax as much as any other collector, but sometimes I find myself having trouble justifying buying a box and ending up with a pile of useless base cards (because I don't want to chase the set) and a few hits which are hit and miss sometimes. So what I do myself is try and balance the packs, boxes and singles to optimize fun and success. Well just before Christmas I bought myself 8 packs of Zenith as a gift to myself and here are the results. You may find my luck unbelievable, so I must say they were supposedly "hot" packs.

Hit 1 Antropov, Boulton, Pavelec Mosaics
Talk about a Motley Crew. I don't know ANYONE on the planet who would want this card or think this card is a good idea. The design is cool, don't get me wrong but these three guys? It would be like getting a trio card with Pelle Eklund, Kjell Samuelsson and Ken Wregget.

Hit 2 Jared Boll Winter Warriors
Here is a hit that would hurt if it happened. Mr. Boll has appeared in a break before, and I am just as excited as the last time.

Hit 3 Michael Del Zotto
Mike has loads of offensive talent and it ends there. For a defenseman that can be problematic which is why he spend some of 10-11 in the minors despite an awesome rookie campaign.

Hit 4 Oliver Eckman-Larsson /498
Not sure if my card is an error or not, but my version is numbered out of 498 where the guide suggests it is out of 499. A couple for sale online also say 498 so who really knows. Best  hit of the lot by far and Oliver is off to a pretty good start this season too (7 points in 11 games).

Not a hit, but a pretty good card
In with my next hit was this card. Wish it was Dustin Tokarski, but a rookie is a rookie.

Hit 5 George Parros Epix /100
Very cool looking card or another tough customer. I am sensing a theme here. 

Hit 6 Chris Neil Yours Truly Auto
A very cool auto of a tough guy. These autos are nice, huge space for an on-card auto and his signature is pretty solid.

Hit 7 Tartar/Lidstrom/Zetterberg Mosaics
Ok, this group of three makes a little more sense. Three very good players with one being a prospect and the other two being established stars.

Well there you have it, a small wax fix with 7 out of 8 yielding a hit. It was all fun, but apart from the Ekman-Larson I can certainly live without them. Anyone interested in any of these hits, let's make a deal! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'd be hip to the Parros and Neil at some point.

  2. I interested in the "trio card with Pelle Eklund, Kjell Samuelsson and Ken Wregget." No, seriously I would buy that card.

    You got a lot of hits. A box of ten packs is only supposed to have 3 auto/mem. You got 7 in 8 packs. I bought a box recently and had 7 Gu/mem in the box plus a #/25 parallel. Tempted to buy another box or maybe even a case of Zenith.

    1. Wow, if you like that combination then Panini needs to hire me! I have lots of other great combinations that just NEED to be done :)