Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cheap Chiros Part 3

Here is part three....some pretty solid autos which really helped me decide to go after the lot purchase. Almost all of these autos are new to my collection which is a nice bonus.

09-10 BAP Chris Campoli Auto
I best remember Chris as a Senator. He currently is over seas I believe playing for Biel in the Swiss league.

09-10 BAP Cody Franson Auto
Cody was a fairly hyped prospect and former World Junior for Team Canada. Took some time to adapt to the NHL level, but seems to be doing very fine with the Leafs right now and has 11 points in 15 games.

09-10 BAP Ron Hainsey Auto
Until I saw this card, I had NO IDEA he was an alternate captain in the NHL. Crazy huh?

11-12 Black Diamond Gemography Matt Halischuk Auto
Black Diamond is notoriously skimpy on the autos so seeing this one had me interested. Seeing Matt Halischuk made it a slam dunk. I still love this kid even if he isn't a Devil anymore, but his NHL potential appears to be more suited for the third or fourth line which does sadden me a little.

07-08 BAP Signatures Double Jokinen/Bouwmeester
JayBo and Joker....Both came to Calgary, both disappointed. Truth is they both really hit their stride with the Panthers and are still good players in their own right, but clearly were optimized by the sunshine!

09-10 BAP Mason Raymond Auto
I like this kid a fair bit, could even be my favourite current Canuck not named Booth. However, after a break out year in 09-10 which saw him pot 25 goals, I suspect many Canuck fans are hoping those days will come back soon.

Well there you go 7 more autos on 6 cards. I hope to put this series of posts out of their misery with my next post. I promise a HOF'er and some more reasons why I chased this lot!


  1. Hi,

    Do you trade at all? I have several devils cards for trade. I am looking for rangers (in or out of rangers uniforms)

    1. Hey there, I do enjoy trading and if there are things you are looking for let me know, or if you see something you like let me know.

  2. do you have a tradelist or bucket?

    mine is:

  3. I don't really other than what is up on the top right. With that being said, you can look at old posts and if there is something you like let me know or I can send you a list of Rangers and former Rangers stuff I have that may or may not interest you.

  4. Hey Dave, you know MaRay is no longer on the Canucks? He was a Leaf for all of last season, and has scored 3 goals in 3 games for the Flames this season. ;)

    1. Thanks Kyle,
      Yeah this post is from during his last year with the Canucks. He did spend the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014 with the Leafs and I am very happy to see him on fire with the Flames as of now.