Wednesday, February 13, 2013

78-79 Topps Mike Bossy Rookie

So I happened across a deal that was even more of a deal based on my willing to take a chance. I was in the market for a card, I won't say what card because I will save that for another day. Needless to say, I was looking for a card and it just so happened that there was a lot deal for this card and the one below. There was a starting price that was pretty decent just for the OTHER card alone, but when combined with a near-mint Mike Bossy rookie that price was insanely cheap. There was also a buy-it-now price which was very very low but about 5 bucks more than the starting price. I decided to take a chance and bid rather than do the buy-it-now. The thing was I really wanted the other card, but another Bossy rookie would be cool too for trade bait or just to have. 

There was only about 5 hours left in the auction so things were tense. Even in the final minutes I thought for sure someone would swoop in and snip the cards away. Well luck should have it, that never happened and I landed both cards for a fair bit less than the BV of the Bossy. 

As you can see from the front, 4 sharp corners and pretty good centering. On the back, there is a tiny bit of colour wear on the bottom two corners and the centering is off a bit, but that is pretty much it. Certainly a no-brainer and since I was not desperate to win this particular auction, I could afford to take a risk and I was really glad I did!

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  1. Nice find. Looking forward to reading about the other card.