Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheap Chiros Part 2

So the first two autos weren't that great, but I do promise there are some good autos in that lot. Here are the next couple from the lot. 

10-11 Certified Philip Larsen Rookie Auto /1299
Philip has a beautiful signature...behold! His offensive game is offensive, but he does chew up NHL minutes and was a +11 last season in 55 games.

10-11 SP Authentic Colby Cohen Future Watch Rookie /999
Here is a nice on-card auto of a player I had never heard of before. Sounds like a good excuse to do research right? Well what did I find, that he was in the NHL for a brief 3 game stint. However, he has been toiling between ECHL and AHL with very limited production so I would safely say that his NHL career is likely over as far as cardboard is concerned.

10-11 Luxury Suite Zac Dalpe Rookie /499
I have a few rookies and autos of this guy and if he EVER makes it big, I am going to strike it rich!! Slowly I am losing faith with each passing year, but anything is possible as injuries and trades happen and much like Zach Boychuk, Zac Dalpe may find his chance with another organization.

There you go, a bunch of good old rookie autos which brings the total to 5 autos down, 12 more to go!


  1. Thats funny...I have accidentally come across a bunch of Zac Dalpe autos in my stuff too. Weird.

    1. We should start the official Zac Dalpe cardboard appreciation blog.....interested? haha

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