Monday, February 25, 2013

Cheap Chiros Part 4

Okie dokie, lets put an end to this series and move on to other things right? In all honesty, I actually had fun spreading this one out and this last batch are some of my favourites....

11-12 Panini Limited Calvin de Haan Rookie Auto /299
Calvin is another defenseman and another former Team Canada junior, seems to be the theme huh? Came out a little blurry, likely because of the top loader and the face the auto wasn't touching the surface of the scanner because it is a recessed swatch. Really happy to get this one that is for sure!

11-12 Panini Limited John Moore Auto /299
Like Dalpe, I seem to be the leader in the unofficial John Moore fan club. This is a another nice example of Panini Limited and a pretty nice looking auto. If he ever hits it big so do I....John may not have the offensive potential of de Haan, but I think he could be a soild rear guard in the future.

10-11 Luxury Suite Brad Mills Rookie Auto /499
Brad came up briefly for a cup with the Devils and has moved on to the Rockford Ice Hogs where he will try and crack a tough Blackhawks lineup.

10-11 Luxury Suite Nick Palmieri Rookie Auto /499
I loved Nicky! He went from being first-line winger to trade bait over night and is now with the Whale in the AHL (Rangers) and may  be as far from the NHL as he was in high school. I hope he does get back and play in the big league, but I think he will need some luck there.

11-12 Upper Deck World of Sports Billy Smith Auto
Here is the grand finale and HOF'er I promised. I actually found this lot deal doing a season on a Billy Smith auto. I am a little sad there is no photo of him on this product, and I really don't know why. However, the auto is a pretty solid one which is easy to read and features his number 31 tucked away in the S curl.

There you have it, you survived the long series of posts and I am proud to say the whole lot ran me about 2 bucks a card believe it or not. Some you might say aren't worth the cost while others are. I believe they are all awesome and worth every penny and more. One day I will get around to sharing the 67 autos I bought in the summer for a paltry 25 bucks with shipping, but that is indeed for another day.


  1. I am also in the John Moore fan club since he is from the same town AND and same High School as me, just 1 year older. I have a few rookies and 1 auto of his. It's a pretty cheap PC unlike Toews and Roy so it makes him a nice player to collect.

    1. Hahaha...that is too funny, did you hope the Hawks were going to draft him?