Tuesday, February 26, 2013

eBay Freebies, thanks to eBucks

With a few purchases on eBay I was able to earn a couple eBucks so here is what I did with mine:

11-12 Canada VS The World Tony Granato Auto
Yep, another C VS TW. I have always had crazy respect for both Tony and Cammy as they are very classy and talented hockey players. Tony had four 30+ goal seasons in his first 5 years before cooling off and retiring from hockey. He has since been a very successful coach in the NHL and is currently an assistant coach with the Penguins where he has been for the last 4 seasons.

11-12 Titanium Game Worn Gear Malone/Connolly
I wish it was Stamkos paired with Connolly, but then again I doubt I would have been able to land it for "free' if it was. I have a couple Connolly autos not, but nothing that is "player worn" so this goes into the PC as an example of such thing.

There you have it two fun cards that set me back nothing! I do like eBucks and their program which certainly provides a little fun for your purchases.

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