Tuesday, May 15, 2012

They make football cards?

Alright, I am kidding! Of course they make football cards but if you ever saw my collection you might be surprised. Being a huge sports fan, I love most of the major sports, sorry Nascar and Basketball, no love here.

However, despite loving football, I have NEVER bought, owned or even touched a football card. That changed a couple weeks ago. I was at the local swap meet and even though there wasn't much there, I did see a card that I knew I had to buy.

1974 Topps John Unitas #150
Johnny fricking Unitas. I love this guy and the card is just classic looking. The price tag was only 5 bucks and the card is in amazing shape. I knew I was leaving with this card! After seeing very little in terms of hockey cards, I bundled a bunch of cards together and made a deal I couldn't refuse. So in the end, Mr. Unitas came home with me for less than a 5 spot.

I didn't even know he was a Charger, but it turns out he played one last year with the Chargers and even though he only had like 76 pass attempts that season before retiring Topps, made sure to include him in the set.

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  1. Very cool! I don't collect football either, but for $5 I would have snagged that as well. Great pick-up.