Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Devils - Kings begin tonight!

So tonight begins the 11/12 Stanley Cup finals. I have been a Devils fan since 87, so this would be the 5th Finals I have seen my team participate in. As far as the media goes and stuff, I am totally used to hearing the Devils are the weaker team etc and the fact many are picking the Kings doesn't phase me in the least. No one gave use a chance against the Flyers, no one gave us a chance in '95 against the Red Wings and in 2001 we blew it against the Avalanche. I know anything can happen and I suspect this will be one heck of a series even if most fans have already checked out. Both teams are loaded with talent and play aggressive fore-check games. 

Both teams have solid goalies. Kings might have better d-men, but strength is our deep our team is. Our 4th line I believe will be the difference and if the Devils are going to win, they will be the catalyst for our success. 

Ryan Carter, Stephen Gionta and Steve Bernier have been awesome and as a fan, what else could you ask for from a 4th line other than what they have already given: Timely goals, great energy and solid checking! Go Devils GO!
Here is an auto I picked up just before the post-season started. It was a part of yet another lot purchase so I landed this card for a song and dance.

BTW, I will not be making any predictions mainly because I haven't all post-season and I don't want to jinx a good thing. I have a ritual that I have  been doing all post-season which I plan on maintaining during these finals......


  1. Good luck Dave...I'll be cheering your Devils on from Beautiful BC!

  2. Close game tonight..I hope this series goes 7