Thursday, May 31, 2012

91-92 UD Czech World Junior Box Break

During the sports card boom of the early 90's, this set is a which was fetching 5 bucks a pack and some of the "rookies" were selling for like 20 bucks at my LCS. Thanks to the bubble busting and the internet, I was able to score a whole box of 36 packs for a fraction of what it would have cost back in 1992. 

Each pack had 12 cards and there were some pretty cool cards in this set which I didn't even know about. The highest valued card in the set is the Paul Kariya which books for 5 bucks and most of the cards are first-time appearances for the players. There were also two Gretzky holograms honouring his Lady Byng and Art Ross awards. I ended up opening most of the packs, but I still have 8 unopened packs because at that point I had more than enough doubles and a complete set. As a result, anyone interested in trading for one or all 8 packs let me know! I can help you out with completing a set of your own too!

My goal was to build a set, maybe score an extra Kariya or three and the Gretzky holograms. Having more than accomplished these goals I feel this box was a great success. 

Here is a look at the set:

Card 1
 I hated not winning this tournament, but Canada seems to go in streaks....Win 5....lose 5 etc.

Here is a description on the back of the card explaining the set.

The CIS team is loaded with talented rookies. Yashin, Kasparitis, Kovalev and others.

Here is a Kapanen rookie, a 5 time 20 goal scorer. I always liked him!

 Here is a Karyia rookie one year before his real rookie was released.

 Here is what the back looks like. Name, country and position are listed in Czech on the back and English on the front. Also are two write ups one in each language.

 WOW! Brian Rafalski 8 years before his actually rookie card gets released!

 Here was the big chase card back in the day. Hamrlik never really lived up to his 1 overall billing, but did have a pretty good career that won't end up being HOF calibre but respectable nonetheless.

 Ziggy Palffy actually had three cards appear in the 91-92 year.

Front side of the checklist shows some of the talent in the set.

Back side shows the rest! Martin Straka also has a pre-rookie rookie card too!

So there you have it. Another set off the to-do list. This box was lots of fun to bust and it was certainly worth the wait for me. If you have been waiting too, let me know. I have a few extra packs kicking around.


  1. looks pretty cool. Didn't even know it existed. I just have seen all of the 'junior tournament' cards as part of the regular sets.

    cool post.

  2. I almost bought a box of these a year ago, but was afraid of bad collation. But I ended up getting the set for $5 back in November.

    BUT I didn't know about the Gretzky holograms. Do you have any extras of those? Also, if you have an empty wrapper or two you could throw my way, I could use those too.

  3. Yeah Sal, I got a few extra Holograms and wrappers. I will set them aside for you!

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..