Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Someone is going to be disappointed they won this auction! (or how bidding with an Ebay App can really suck)

I think I can officially list one of my hobbies as creeping on eBay auctions. I am always watching like 20-30 at a time just to see what the final sale price is. Sometimes I bid, but I think the watch to bid ratio is like 30:1. Anyway, I was bidding on a Hull rookie last night, and lost (Went for like 12 bucks plus shipping) when I noticed one other one I was watching sold for much higher.

I never bid on this one because in my iPod app the photo didn't look right. I felt it could have been a counterfeit Hull and when I popped onto my desktop I noticed indeed it was.

Funny thing is, if I didn't look at the web version, I wouldn't have seen the super obvious mark on the back....IT SAYS REPRINT!!!!

However, someone may have not noticed that when they paid 18 bucks plus shipping for a worthless card.
How could they have been duped? Here is the ad for the card and pictures below:

"Beautiful and all original 1988-89 Brett Hull O-Pee-Chee NHL Hockey Rookie Card #66. Condition is excellent. This item would be a welcome addition in any NHL Hockey memorabilia collection. Feel free to e-mail me back if you have any questions."

 Look at the front, please notice the perfect "push pin" which can only be found on fake Hull rookies. That is what tipped me off.... But look at the back and there is a true give-away!

Reprint....Doesn't sound "all original" to me.

So is this ebay seller a scammer, or is it buyer beware? The seller has a 99.3% rating on nearly 15k transactions.


  1. Thank goodness the two Hull rookies (Topps) I have I personally pulled from packs, so I know they are genuine.

    But agreed - how the hell do you NOT look at the pic and see that printed on the back. The buyer should have stated it was a reprint and not "all original". Stupid seller, but a scammer seller for sure.

  2. I hate labelling someone a scammer until I know for sure. I try to give the person the benefit of the doubt.

    While there could be a number of reasons that pop up as potentials for this auction, I am hoping 'honest mostake' falls in the mix.

    But sadly, people are very......VERY quick to slap a label on someone before getting all the facts.

    At the same time, a little buyer beware needs to be shown. If its too good to be probably is - even on eBay.

    Hopefully the seller rights the wrong.

  3. Okay, I don't have a Hull OPC RC so I have to ask the obvious, what do you mean about the perfect push-pin giving it away as a reprint? I will be in the market for one of these in the next few months as it's one of the last cards I'm missing from my '88-89 OPC set, and will probably have to go the eBay route, so please enlighten me!