Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Announcement

In all likelihood, today is going to be the day the NHL announces that the Atlanta Thrashers will be moving to Winnipeg. This will mean two things:

First, for the second time in a row, Atlanta proves they aren't interesting in supporting hockey.

Second, realignment will need to occur which means this fall your favourite team may have a new divisional threat.

Personally I am happy to see another team in Canada but with that being said, Winnipeg'ers need to now put their money where their mouth is and support this franchise. The Winnipeg Thrashers Jets have a lot of really good and young players (like Kane, Little, Bogosian, Enstrom, and Byfuglien) but, they are another season or two away from playoff contention so fans will need to be patient.

One storyline that I would like to see develop is Dale Hawerchuk build the Barrie Colts into an OHL powerhouse, make an Memorial Cup appearance and then accept the job as the Winnipeg Jets head coach! I think the Jets would welcome their adopted son back with open arms!

Anyway enough day dreaming, here is an early congrats to Winnipeg and if they do indeed get the Jets, and I wish them all the best!

Here is a Hawerchuk auto I received back earlier this year.


  1. Glad the Jets will be in the East this season. My Leafers will get to play them a few times.

  2. Yeah, neat that the NHL didn't want to mess with alignment this year. I guess they may take a long look at the set up and make the needed changes. I too am happy to see a couple Jets and Devils games on TV.