Thursday, May 26, 2011

10-11 Panini Sticker Pack Break

I was out getting supplies for my son's first birthday and I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Panini stickers! I haven't purchased these in over 20 years. The last time I did this, I was trying to complete the 89-90 sticker set (and didn't have any success).

Anyway, seeing those little packs brought back some fun memories and I decided to buy a pack.

$1.00 got you 8 stickers

Well this pack appears to have been sponsored by the Toronto Maple Leafs
(which I used to be part owner of when I was an Ontario Teacher High School Teacher so I guess I should be happy...)

Poor Giggy.....Could be the goalie of the future for the Marlies.....Thanks to a hot James Reimer

Rinne, the reason the Preds made the playoffs in the first place. Here is hoping he can continue the success next season as the Preds are becoming a good young team.

Bryan Bickell....Had a good breakout year with the Hawks (17 goals)

Colten Orr....another Leaf....

Battling for the position of starting Marlies goalie will the Jonas Gustavsson

Underrated and very talented, David Booth. He impressed me at the '08 Worlds and I hope he can avoid further concussions otherwise he might be taking an early retirement from hockey.

Wojtek Wolski. Devils drafted Zajac over Wolski in 2004. Glad they did....

Klementyev, not the rookie I was hoping to get out of the pack....Anton spent the year in Bridgeport and I suspect he will head to the KHL before long...

There you have it. 10-11 Panini stickers. Glad I bought the pack for nostalgia sakes, but this isn't a product I probably will be purchasing until my son is into collecting them.

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