Monday, May 30, 2011

90-91 and 91-92 Pro Set Holograms

Growing up there were always cards that you heard about but in many cases you have never actually seen in person. I was pretty young, but I still remember seeing my first Gretzky rookie. I still don't have one in my collection, but I had seen several over the years. The 90-91 and 91-92 Pro Set Holograms were cards I had heard of, but apart from images on the internet, I had never seen one in person before. That was until the other day.

I bought a couple of boxes of 90-91 Pro Set Series 1. Since I already had Series 2 taken care of, I thought what the heck....maybe I will get lucky and at the very least I could hopefully could finish Series 1 and have a complete set. Well I opened two boxes and it brought back some fun memories and rookies of players I had never heard of: (such as Ville Siren) and rookies of players who had gone on to have awesome careers like Jeremy Roenick.

After box one, I had no holograms and 376/405 base cards.

After box two, I had no holograms and 399/405 base cards.

In all not bad, just six cards short of a set, but hopes of getting a Stanley Cup hologram are dashed.....I don't think I had a realistic back to images on the internet for me....

However, I did have SOME luck with an auction on ebay. I managed to get the OTHER Pro Set hologram. Sure, I didn't pull it from a pack but for the first time I did get to see the Hologram in person and it isn't a bad looking card.

I felt the card was more than worth the $25 I paid for it. I don't think it was worth $25 because it books for 50, but rather I felt it was worth 25 because it is one of those cards that has always eluded me and to have a chance to pick it up for the 1991 price of a box of Pro Set IMHO you can't go wrong. Do any of you have a card you bought despite what its "value" was and consider yourself getting a good deal?

Here is the front side of the card.
The card honours the 75th anniversary of the NHL. It was this season I saw my first NHL game as well.

Here is the back side of the card. A pretty cool message on the back in my opinion.

Each card is hand numbered to /10000 and the icing on my cake is I have one of the last 10 numbered cards which I think is pretty cool. Normally I don't pay much attention to the numbering and I didn't even know which of the 10000 this card was until it arrived at my house last week.

It is funny how much the league has changed over the last 20 years. I almost forget those early and futile days days the Sens and Sharks had in the early going.


  1. Wow that hand numbering is very unique!! That looks super cool!

  2. great pickup, I'm very jealous!! The 90-91 card is very tough. I have never seen either of these cards in person