Friday, May 20, 2011

1991 Classic Draft Picks

Back in the early 90’s, not only were sets being mass produced, there also seemed to be dozens of different sets released. Classic and 7th inning sketch are two examples of releases that focused on stars from the CHL and players who were drafted by NHL clubs. During my first life as a hockey card collector, I believed many of those early 90’s cards would be worth something someday. In my second life as a collector I know that is total BS. I remember getting a factory sealed set of ’91 Classic Hockey for about 5 bucks and I decided that I would NEVER open it and someday it will be worth something.

Well someday is now, and it is worth less I paid. However, some people like this person believe that a set limited to just 360 000 serial numbered sets should be worth $250. Meanwhile, there are many other people on eBay who disagree and have theirs listed for around 3-5 bucks.

So to see WHO was right, I turned to the most trusted resources in sports card collecting and it turns out the set is indeed worthless (BV $3). So what harm is there is opening mine up and actually seeing what cards are inside…….Down the Rabbit Hole we go!

Here is Mr. Lindros on the Top. Clearly the reason why anyone would want to buy this!

Here is the bottom with my certificate of authenticity!!
It is like being a member of an exclusive club that happens to let anyone in with 5 bucks!

Here is the checklist. I must say, it is pretty impressive looking!
The set features 50 of the first 62 picks in the 91 entry draft. A few notable misses from the first 62 are players like Brian Rolston and Sandis Ozolinsh. But some great surprise hits like Palffy, Osgood and Jozef Stumpel.

Here is what the back of the cards look like.
A pretty clean design with junior stats and a small blurb about the player and which club selected them.

4-time Cup winner and has won at EVERY level possible.

Philly had a steal with Forsberg at the 6th spot.
Shame they traded him to Quebec for Lindros, it would have been neat to see what he could have done with Renberg and Leclair!

The Wizard
Ray Whitney just seemed to get better with age. 926 career points for a guy picked in the second round...not bad!

I always liked Jozef Stumpel and I felt he was a seriously underrated as a player.
Jozef is in the KHL and still playing. Finished 5th on the Minsk Dynamo team in scoring, not bad for a 38 year old.

Yanic Perreault
One of the greatest face-off men in NHL history!

Chris Osgood
Whether you like him or not, you can't argue with winning!

Michael Nylander
As you can see, Classic didn't have an NHL license and couldn't show the team crests on their jerseys. I always thought Nylander was crazy talented but he never put up the numbers like I thought he was capable of. Judging from the hair, I would say he liked "Saved By The Bell".

Ahhh the Rocket

Had way too much hype and expectation around his talents, there was no way he could live up to them (ala Alexandre Daigle). But managed a respectable NFL/CFL career. No hockey career though....I might see if he is available to join my ball hockey league since I doubt his skating ability.

Well there you have it, the set isn't bad by 1991 standards and I did enjoy busting it open and I will find it a home in an album somewhere. Do any of you have this set? Have you cracked the seal or are you like the 300 000 or so out there who will cling to hope that someday it will be valuable?


  1. yes, I have a set, no make that two sets--one I think I originally paid 14.95--the second bought much later for 3 bucks--yeah, just to open--still have the uncracked one just in case the other 300,000 are opened--maybe have the last surviving one

  2. I think I have 12-15 of these in a box in the garage. Another victim of the overproduction era.

  3. this is one of the most despised sets of all time! I always find it fun to bust packs of this product when I find them. It's fun to look at the cheesy photography!

  4. at the big card show last week, one dude had a case of these.... wanted $14 for each set, or 2 for $20.

    I believe he still has his case.

  5. I did the same with my set - I originally bought 2 - 1 to open the other to keep - well now both are open - yes it was fun opening it for sure. (I think I paid 7 each at the time)