Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What do you do when you have no playoff hopes?

Well last night's loss the the Bruins has sealed the Devil's post-season fate. It was a nice run, the Devils Army had some hope for a while, but last night's performance including 5 straight pk's ended any serious chance we had at playing for the Cup.

So with no team in the post-season, what do I do now? What do you folks do, when your team is no longer in the playoffs? I know Leaf fans talk about how next year is going to be different and the media in Canada supports that by endlessly looking at how the Leafs can sign UFA's which are long past their prime or are often damaged goods (see Lindros, Allison or Versteeg).

What I have done in the past is just picked another team to ride while the playoffs are on. In addition to being a Devils fan, there are a few other teams that I do like to watch and wish them luck if the Devils are out of contention.

The list looks something like this:

1. Devils
2. Blackhawks (Liked since '90, Belfour was the reason and I worshiped him until he went a little crazy in Dallas)
3. Kings (Since the '08 World Hockey Championship I have huge respect for Kopitar)
4. Oilers (They are fun to watch and I remember being a kid in awe of their fire power)

After the list is exhausted I usually find some team to support but it isn't ever the same.

So I ask, what do you do when your team is out?


  1. 1) Drink more
    2) Watch the Worlds and hope Canada can win
    3) Cheer for the underdogs during the playoffs
    4) last resort cheer for a Canadian team

  2. Great list, I like the first two for sure. The WC is always some great action and I hope Canada continues with the youth moment from last season!

  3. When my team is out...hmmmm. Usually I try to pretend that I like baseball until football starts again but this year might be hard to pull off. I suppose self-induced coma until October is out of the question?