Friday, March 25, 2011

1990 Pro Set Hockey

1990 was the first time I ever opened a pack of cards. I had been interested in hockey for a couple of years but to that point I only ever did the Panini stickers and hockey cards were a foreign concept to me. One day my parents came home from somewhere and I had been baby-sitting my siblings when they showed up with a couple of packs of hockey cards as reward for watching my brother and sisters.

I sat down and looked at the package and saw :

The first card I saw in the pack was "Ray Borque" Needless to say the whole set of cards were full of errors when you can't even spell Bourque's name right.

I never completed the series 1 set, but I may try at some point in my life because the fact is now 20 years later I appreciate the set more now than I did back then.

90 Pro Set was my marijuana to card collecting. It was my "gateway" drug. Even though I never collected it much past 91-92 it lead to other sets and like many of you lots of dollars spent!

Recently I made a trade with Chris from and one card that was apart of our deal was the 90-91 Pro Set Promo Card. I felt I needed this card to help symbolize what got me into collecting and it is the second most valuable card from that set. The most valuable is the Stanley Cup hologram which is the holy grail for Pro Set hockey collectors. If you want to see it check out this link, Sal has a couple of those gems.

Here is the front of the card

Here is the back. Needless to say, Pro Set even managed to make an error on their promo card. They have an incorrect birth date and games played in the 87-88 season.

Over time, this set look a little better to me than it once did but maybe that is nostalgia setting in.

For all you collectors out there, what set got you into collecting?


  1. at $4 a box, it's hard to beat and relive those memories from all those years ago!

  2. For me 1989-90 Topps was what really got me started, I've posted on the set here:

    By the way, I love that you used 1990-91 Pro Set and marijuana in the same post, haha.

  3. If you ever need to fill this one, I can most certainly oblige.

  4. Cool post Shane, I bought countless packs of 89-90 OPC and Topps in the early 90's at like 2 bucks a pop. Probably not the best use of my money but I have a few Sakics and Fleurys to show for it and a couple of sets.

  5. I might take you up on it DFG...part of me wants to pick up a box and see if I can pull a hologram but most places want 5 times the cost of the box for shipping. If I could trade someone 15-20 bucks in cards for a box I would maybe try doing it that way.

  6. Hello does anybody have infromation on my error card its a 90-91 Stanley Cup Hologram Card. It has no nember on the back, where it would have 3,678/5000 its blank there? any help would be much appercated. Thanks.. Mark Gairdner...

  7. Wow, I haven't heard of that happening. Do you have pictures of it? I would be interested in seeing them.

  8. does anyone have any they want to get rid of?

  9. I have one for sale.