Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joe Thornton

One of the things I like about ITG's products is you get a chance to get an autograph of an NHL star before they were famous. I had a friend who I met back in 2000 who went to high school with Joe Thornton. She went to school with him for most of her life and spent some time hanging out with him and got an autograph from him just in case he ever became famous. I think he was about 15 when he signed the autograph.

I was lucky enough to be given that autograph as a gift from her.

It is a promo coaster from his Jr. B Team. He played for them during the 93-94 and 94-95 seasons.

After playing for the Stars, Joe would then join the Sault Greyhounds and the rest is history.

As you can see his autograph has changed a little bit over the years but I think that happens from time to time as players transition from teenagers to adults.

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  1. That is pretty awesome. I wonder what that is worth