Monday, March 14, 2011

Baseball season is just around the corner

It is less than 3 weeks until the start of the 2011 baseball season and I might be all in by the end of the month considering the Devils need to finish 12-2 to have a legit post season shot. The Tigers are looking decent this season and we may have what it takes to see post-season action as long as we can avoid our late season collapses!

I have not spent much time blogging about baseball and the main reason is I tend to talk mostly about hobby stuff and 20 years ago I had to make a decision. I had to decide if I was going to collect baseball or hockey cards. The question was put on me by my parents because they felt that it would be in my best interest to just focus on one or the other. So all these years later I wonder what my collection would have been like if I picked baseball? From looking at other blogs online many of you seem to balance the two or three sports easily enough. I think I am too invested in hockey to ever branch out and honestly I would rather a couple of hockey sets each season rather than just do one or two from each sport. Though, if my finances ever change who knows....

Despite missing 20 years of baseball collecting, I really don't have many regrets about my choice except maybe one. Even though I am a Tigers fan, I have always been an even bigger Randy Johnson fan and deep down I have always wanted a Johnson 89 UD RC. I am sure I could buy one, but I think I would much rather make a trade for one. If anyone out there has a mint one that they wish to part with for something off my trade list or something they are looking for let me know! I think my collection needs this card!


  1. Hey about the GU Sedin...what are you looking for in return...I unfortunately don't have any Devils auto's but if you are looking for any old timer treasures signed cards or random guys like Kariya, Hossa, Malone etc. let me know what you're looking for...I also want to get a gold Parise Victory (I believe it's a RC) off my hands so I could throw that in too...let me know

  2. Hey Michael.
    Thanks for the response, I wrote you an email regarding the matter!