Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bobby Smith and Edgar Laprade

On Monday I received two returns in the mail. The first was one I sent out at the beginning of Jan to the Halifax Mooseheads' head coach Bobby Smith. My very first hockey game I ever watched live was between the Detroit Red Wings and the Minnesota North Stars and that was back in 1991. Bobby Smith was in the lineup that night and he scored a goal for the victorious North Stars.

I sent him three cards and he signed all three with a turn around time of 55 days.

82-83 OPC Card

82-83 OPC In Action Card

The classic 90-91 UD Set
His autograph is pretty unique, signing both first and last name.

The second auto is from HOF'er Edgar Laprade. I currently don't have any cards of him but really wanted to get his autograph while I still could (he is 91 years old). I received this card 15 days after I mailed it out.

He spent all of his NHL career with the Rangers so I sent him this 07-08 Rangers checklist card for him to sign. I was hoping he would sign by the emblem (which I prepared for an auto) but he signed the back instead where there was more room. Unfortunately I didn't prepare the back so his auto must of smudged a bit when it was put in the envelope.

I will still treasure it anyway because he was born just outstide the city where I was born (Thunder Bay, Ontario) and he currently resides 3 blocks from where I used to live in Thunder Bay.

I hope to get his rookie card as a part of my Parkhurst Project.


  1. nice returns... heh, the older guys always sign on the back of a lot of cards 'cause they are being polite and don't want to ruin the picture....

  2. That makes a lot of sense, my Gordie Howe auto was on the back of the card as well. Neat theory, I think you are on to something there.

  3. great sig by Mr. can tell it's all class