Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reed Larson ITG Captain-C Auto

Now Reed Larson is a player I didn't know much about mainly because his playing career was pretty much over as I got it into the game myself. However, this photo is just down right bad-ass and his auto clearly shows this tough guy has soft hands. Larson was a three-time NHL all-star who put up some pretty decent numbers for a defenseman including one season where he had 27 goals (80-81) and one season where he had 74 points (82-83). His career numbers for defenseman are also pretty decent with him sitting 27th in all-time points for a defenseman with 685 and 14th for defense all-time with 0.758 points per game. 

Unfortunately, Reed had played for some pretty bad teams over the years and even though he played in 904 regular season games, he only ever saw the post season 7 times for a total of 32 games. Still, he was a great competitor and an auto I certainly didn't mind adding to my collection as part of the lot deal with McCollum and Connolly.

Nice auto using sticker technology with a black sharpie!

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