Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ilya Kovalchuk 05-06 SP Authentic Chirograph Auto

Well it looks like there might be a season after all, of course I will still wait to see that there are actual games played before I am going to fully think this lockout is over! I hope that all those players overseas who didn't have season ending injuries are all ready to come back and play for their respective NHL clubs. 

For Devils fans, we have been pretty lucky as Kovy has avoided injury thus far and sits in a tie for 4th in KHL scoring with Ovechkin. What also might have some Devils fans excited too is the last time the league played a half-season, we went on to win the Stanley Cup! Of course, that all means nothing, but at the very least we all might have some hockey to enjoy!

Here is another Kovy treasure I landed in the summer. I believe I actually STOLE this card, and almost didn't big on it at all. The seller didn't list Canada as a place to ship to, but I talked them into accepting my bid and lucky for me I won the card and it was my cheapest Kovy auto yet! Like my other three autos, no stickers here and I was really happy to land it in my collection.

05-06 SP Authentic Chirography Ilya Kovalchuk

Nice auto as always with Kovy, and this was done in Blue Sharpie much like my auto here. My other two Kovys, here and here are signed in Black Sharpie.


  1. That's a gorgeous set. I have the Lecavallier and it looks sweet.

    Congrats on the steal.

  2. Oh wow, that is a great looking card. I have always loved the UD Chirography auto cards.

  3. Thanks guys, I agree they are really nice and the use of foil is subtle and cool. I am thinking I might try and locate a few more of these if the prices are right!