Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mark Fraser Auto - A little love for a former Devil

The main reason I went after this lot was Mark Fraser. If you aren't a Devils fan or Leafs fan you won't really know who he is. Mark Fraser is a defenseman with the Toronto Marlies at the moment and came over to Toronto in a trade from Anaheim for Dale Mitchell. While in NJ, Fraser was a 6-7th defenseman who brought some toughness to the team. He isn't terribly offensive, but then again he isn't terrible either. I suspect Toronto is going to use him as a depth defenseman as well so he MAY see some action next year but I doubt you will see him as a full-time NHL'er.

10/11 Artifacts Autofacts

Great signature here, not too hard to see what his name is from the signature. I really like the look of this card too, not sure why he looks a lot better than the Martinez one, but the Devils away jersey looks neat on this card.


  1. I actually like the design of the 2010-11 Artifacts Auto Facts cards. I have about 7 of them myself.

  2. Yeah for some reason I missed them last year. However, now that I have a couple they certainly are one of the nicest sticker auto cards out there...