Friday, June 15, 2012

Ed Giacomin Auto - Thanks Badwax!

As I slowly get caught up on like a million posts I have been meaning to do, here is a little gem I got a small while back in a trade with Mike from Badwax. I have never bought a box or even a pack of Between the Pipes cards. It isn't that I hate on goalies, I have lots of friends who are goalies and I was a goalie myself for many sports including street hockey! I also have been a fan of Ed Belfour, Martin Brodeur and others for more than 2 decades. So why haven't I jumped into this product? Many reasons, the biggest is convenience. These aren't convenient to get as no one within an hour of my house sells BTP. Secondly money, I don't have an endless supply so usually H&P or some other ITG box gets my ITG quota first.With that being said, I still like the product and purchase singles here and there.

When Mike put this card up for trade I knew I had to have it! Ed Giacomin!!!

11/12 Between the Pipes Decades Auto
Ed was a Vezina winning goaltender with the Rangers back in 1971 and was a 5-time all-star and a two-time first team all-star. He has 54 career shutouts which is good enough for 19th all-time and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1987 (and survived not being booted by Casey too!).

As a player he was great, and his auto is pretty classy too! Just an all round awesome card and I want to thank you again Mike!

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