Monday, June 18, 2012

Chris Doyle Auto

Chris Doyle is a household name...if you have lived in PEI from 06-10 or are a close follower of the ECHL. If you said no to either, then you are in the same class as me and have no idea who he is!

Despite having some decent QMJHL numbers and being NHL drafted (Rangers), Chris has yet to see any AHL or NHL action. He is only 22 years old, so it certainly isn't too late for him to make it, so a buck for this card isn't a huge gamble in my opinion.

08/09 ITG Heroes and Prospects
I really like the look of these cards. Huge space for an autograph and a pretty nice layout. I actually like this look better than ITG's auto layouts for the past two seasons. I got this card in a lot with two others which I will share in my next posts!

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