Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quick and easy trade with Cardboard Conundrum

 Matt and I have done a number of trades over the years, here is another beauty.

 13/14 Prime Prime Duals Hall/Henrique /200
 Jersey cards have flooded the market in the last 15+ years and the value most carry is purely in the beholder. Some will fetch huge dollars but most are a year or two away from the dollar bin at your LCS. I really really wish that Panini had one that spelled out SPIT because I would have been ALL over that card. Sadly, these two former Windsor Spitfires will have to live with FIRE.

13/14 Prime Scott Laughton Auto Rookie /199
Scott hasn't taken off yet but I am hopeful someday he will be as good as Mike Richards was before he hit the skids. I once had a pretty cool Laughton that I sold and I was pretty keen on trying to get a new one so here it is.

Thanks for the quick trade Matt, I hope you needed some of those base cards ( I just mailed everything I had before as list was put up) and I especially hope you liked the Hornqvist Retro Rookie. I assure you, he is the real deal and with Crosby or Malkin he will put up some pretty huge numbers.

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