Thursday, October 30, 2014

11/12 Dominion Pen Pals Stamkos/Connolly Auto /50

I think this one speaks for itself! One for the PC and one I didn't have already all in one.


  1. Sweet!!! Stamkos is an autograph I've been on the lookout for, nearly picked one up last week but backed down at the last minute. Great card.

    1. Oh? What was the card? I am very curious because I too was looking for one for about 3 years but then this came along and it was just a match made in heaven.

    2. It was from the 2012-13 Fleer Retro set, done in the style of '92-93 Ultra. That '92-93 set was a favorite of the junk wax era for me and at $25 it seemed like a bargain. It's a sticker autograph though, and at the last minute I decided not to bid. Nobody else did either, and it went unsold. Wondering if that was the right call though as there are only a couple listed now on eBay in the $40-$50 range...

    3. Ah yes I saw some similar to that one too, very tempting. There was also a Artifacts stick one too around that same price. I actually lucked out and got this for under 25! Hang in there, they are only making more and your right one will come along and you will know. I am still loving your Panini Classic Signatures, good to see you chase the SPs!