Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two Terrible Autos

I picked up two autographs from the same person and they both have something in common, they are terrible. First up is Radek Faksa, the Stars first round pick from 2012. He played a few years in the OHl before finishing up this past season with the Calder Cup champs, the Texas Stars. 

2012/13 ITG Heroes and Prospects Radek Faksa Auto
So terrible that I can make out an F and maybe an S? His 94 even looks more like a 96. If it wasn't for his name and number being pictured on the card I would have been clueless.

The next card is terrible for a different reason because it's Terrible Ted Lindsay!

11/12 ITG Captain-C Ted Lindsay Auto Silver
Great auto from one of hockey's greatest stars and member of the HHOF. I got this because the price was insanely cheap and he is missing from my PC of HOF autos.


  1. Nice Lindsay! By the way, finally got a package ready for you, a unique little set I found on eBay and thought you might appreciate. I won't tell you what it is to keep it a surprise, but worse case if you've already got one you can send it back to me and I'll find something else. Hope to have it in the mail today!

    1. Thanks Shane and THANKS Shane. That is very very kind of you, I certainly am intrigued and excited. Things are crazy for me right now but I have plans to eventually get to the LCS and see what new fun they have for me and a few friends like yourself. I will let you know when it arrives!