Monday, June 30, 2014

Cardboard Conundrum Group Break Loot 1

When this group break was announced I totally wanted in and I lucked out getting Colorado. While Colorado didn't yield much in content, my hits were a plenty with the random teams I was assigned (Buffalo and Washington). Here is what I landed:

13/14 Totally Certified Patch Dave Andreychuk /25
This break started fabulous for me with this gem! A (future) HOF, game used patch. The patch appears to be part of his name on a "Home" jersey. This card immediately becomes a part of my (future) HOF project PC ( I already have his rookie a couple times over) and to have a cool patch from a former New Jersey Devil just adds to the coolness! Next post will be more from the break and I have a few thank you posts on their way too!


  1. Really nice patch Dave! An under-rated player too. I recently landed a new Andreychuk hit myself, hope to share it soon...

    1. Very cool, I look forward to seeing it. Glad to hear you are a fan too, I am hoping to add an auto of his to my collection some day to fill the HOF Hattrick.

  2. I really enjoy your posts. Do you know that Andreychuk is not in the HOF?

  3. Thank you and thank you. Clearly I thought he was in the HOF but I jumped the gun on his induction. Hopefully he will get selected soon because his resume is deserving in my opinion.