Monday, June 23, 2014

ITG Enforcers

Matt over at Cardboard Conundrum had a break ages ago which featured a box of ITG Enforcers. This product I have seen time and time again and more recently he ran another box break which has a box of Enforcers 2 in it and I did very well once again. The problem I am faced with is, do I ever buy my own box? It is a tough call for me because I do enjoy the role of the enforcer and I believe it has a place in the game. But at the same time, the Devils don't really play that style of game and in today's game there aren't many enforcers I collect. ITG does a great job bringing in old and new players but at the same time a box will run you about 60 dollars in my part of the world and 60 dollars can go a long way to some of my other collections (Decent 51 Parkhurst card or a Steve Yzerman Auto). 

I guess for me it is a bit of a novelty and if I ever lucked into a box I would seriously enjoy breaking it but apart from getting some hits from group breaks I sadly don't see me buying one anytime soon.

When my loot arrives I will share my success, in the meantime here is what I lucked into the last time I was apart of a group break:

ITG Enforcers 1 Oliwa vs Domi
Loved Oliwa and hated Domi. This card only would have been cooler if Oliwa's fist was against Domi's face. Oliwa did win one Cup with the Devils in 2000 despite not suiting up for the post-season (injury). This Cup win makes Oliwa the first player from Poland to have their name on the Cup.

ITG Enforcers 1 Trevor Gillies Autograph
Well placed and designed sticker autos here. Trevor has seen much of the world with his hockey career playing all over North America and into parts of Europe with the KHL and the Finnish league. Sadly his NHL days were pretty short and we may not see him back (35 years old this season).


  1. Must be from Dec 4, 2001
    At the faceoff, Oliwa tries to get Domi to go. At first it seemed he didnt want to, but then he dropped 'em. Domi quickly threw 4 or 5 shots, connecting on 2; the last one knocking Oliwa to the ice (not really hurting him though). Nothing thrown by Oliwa.

  2. Hahaha well done Al. I did a quick look-up and they fought like 4 times. That sadly was the worst outcome for Oliwa of the 4.

  3. ITG is a novelty product, but if you really enjoy that side of the game, as many do, it's a fantastic product. I always like to include it in the group breaks, just because its so affordable. After all, you can have a much cheaper product if the New Jersey Devils player you feature is Krzysztof Oliwa instead of Martin Brodeur.