Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So here is what I bought with my Brendan Gallagher Loot - Part 1

So I did very well on the sale of my 12-13 Artifacts Brendan Gallagher Auto Rookie /99. I wanted to make sure that when I bought cards with that money I was going to accumulate a batch of cards that exceeded my interest in the card that I sold. If I could do that, then in my opinion I feel like I went ahead on the transaction. So, here are the cards I landed and yes I feel in the end, I am further ahead.

11-12 The Cup Adam Henrique Auto Rookie / 249

The was a beast off the want list. While the patch is insanely dull, the auto is large and crisp and it is the pinnacle of Henrique rookies as far as most collectors go. It is worthless because of the patch? Not in my eyes, but many collectors shied away from this auction as it sold for well less than half the price another Henrique did at the same time with a nicer swatch. Really happy to gain this card and there was plenty of money left over to land some more gems, stay tuned!


  1. Very nice! I've only ever owned one Cup RC Auto, David Krejci, but sold it to buy cards I liked better, just like you did here. Looking forward to seeing what else you picked up. Also, your Connolly auto showed up and I have it set to the side with that Esposito you commented on. Been a hectic week but will try to get these and some other cards out to you soon...

    1. Hey no worries, I am very thankful that you remembered me with Brett and Espo. I am still trying to find some good stuff to send back your way so no rush and the more time the better!

      Curious, do you regret selling the Krejci? I sold something recently that I do regret a little bit (72-73 OPC Ring set) but I guess that is always the chance a collector takes when they give up stuff to gain other things.