Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So you have 80 dollars to burn? Here is how some people did it.

I have mentioned in the past I do have a hobby of watching auctions and I must say if you watch enough you will pretty much see just about anything the hobby has to offer. I have decided to share two gems I found in the last couple months. The first was one I was legitimately thinking of bidding on because I do want an OPC Gretzky reprint rookie (for less than 10 buck shipped of course). However, the bidding went a little crazy on this one: 

Here is the final listing on what is a REPRINT rookie
Like many sellers, all the important information isn't in the title and you can see that there is one important word in the description which is REPRINT. However, if you look at the photo below, that is the close up of the apparent card for sale.

I am not sure if the buyer was thinking they had a legit Gretzky rookie on their hands that the seller wasn't aware was real or they were really in love with the idea of having an expensive reprint. If you look at the photo you can see a dot on the left shoulder of Wayne which does exist on a non-reprint card. But fact is, if a seller of cards with more than 1000 feedbacks is claiming something is a reprint, chances are it is. They buyer has made a grand total of 17 purchases on eBay to this point, I am not sure if they are seasoned themselves but either way, I was staying clear of this purchase at this price. 

The second auction is just too funny.

For the record, this card DID sell and it did sell for 60 dollars I believe, but for some reason they original buy it now price of 80 is listed so either way, a chunk of money was spent on someone's art work. I do like the Gandalf beard on Wayne but I think it may have hurt the card's value slightly. 

 Here is a close up of someone's handiwork.

Apparently the artist's name is Arlindo. Arlindo really had a hate on for the name Wayne and he only wanted to be known by his first name.

So there are two really good examples of how to waste one's money in MY opinion. However, would you have paid anything for those two cards? I might have shelled out 10 bucks on the Wayne reprint including shipping and the Arlindo original I might have paid 5 or 10 for but that is my max there too.

Have you ever come across anything like this in your  travels or even made a crazy purchase that you would come to regret?


  1. Arlindo had Gretzky's vision and playmaking skills, but he just couldn't skate.

  2. Wow Arlindo, what a great post!